Journal Your Christmas binder & stash

First ... the stash I received today from Two Peas ... whoo hoo!!!

And my binder, covered. I so love it! (yeah, if I do say so myself *lol*) The postcard is from 1909, purchased at a local flea market. I was going to use the other side (pretty Christmas greeting) but decided I liked the 'vintage' of showing the age better.

Now for the class to truly begin on Monday!

The last one

This is the last of the 12 projects from "12 Days of Christmas". I've already made another for K to use as a gift container tonight. Easy & cute!

My order from TwoPeas finally arrived today so tonight's playing with my binder cover. Yea!!


Have you seen ... ?

Yesterday, as I looked at blogs through my Google Reader (or was it Shimelle's board?) I came across a blog where the creator shared a small box she'd made for a friend in Japan. I loved it!! And some of her creativity would work so well in something I'm making ... but now I can't find the blog! I'll try later today to find the blogger again, but if you know who I'm talking about - please share the blog link with me! Pretty please with pumpkin pie & whipped cream on top?

Thank you!!

More from my Lisa Pace class

Our class is winding down ... this is the last week. It's been such fun!! (do I keep saying it's fun? *lol*) My numbering system got off yesterday when I made these ... oh well. The star's much prettier in person & I think I'll be making more of these. The second piece in Lisa's creation has a little tin as the container but none in my stash worked, so I cut down a Crystal Light container - voila!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am so grateful for all of my friends - those I've met face-to-face, those I've talked to on the phone, those I know here in cyberland!! Every day, you each give me something new & wonderful - true blessings in my life!

I hope today brings you joy, peace & love!


Over 50

I stumbled across a blog for people like me ... over 50 years of age. Unfortunately, the "sign on" html isn't doing what it's supposed to, so for now, if you'd like to see the blog or join, please visit the blog. Some day, I'll figure it out. ;o)


I have read and/or experienced many people's outpourings of gratitude recently - so many are so beautifully in the spirit of Thanksgiving (be it in the US or elsewhere in the world). We all know people who are having a rough time in our current economy .. you may be one who is. I know I don't have much left over after a pay day, even though the cost of gas is thankfully down. I shared here the other day about Stephanie and her NAKK's that will help purchase grocery cards for families in her school district. Today, I received an email from my fav local bead shop (1StopBeadShop) - the owner, Lisa, was expressing her gratitude for many things (all beautifully said), then ended with an offer to those who would help her shop contribute to our local MidOhio Food Bank. I think it's awesome how so many people are finding ways to give of themselves in ways that continue the giving - paying it forward, if you will. None of us need tangible rewards for giving of ourselves - but that some are doing that shows to me how widely open they are in their giving.
People could so easily turn away from giving ... times are tough. Instead, we're seeing people finding ways to give even more, to help those who need more. If that doesn't make you smile, if that doesn't warm your heart, if that doesn't inspire you to give a little bit more of yourself .. well, hmph. And what am I doing more? I've not thought it all through yet, but I've got an idea or two rambling around in my head that I hope to bring to fruition in the next day or two.


Next class!

My next online class begins Monday .. cannot wait! Sandy recommended Shimelle's "Journal Your Christmas" class & it looked way too fun to pass up. Sandy took the class last year & I absolutely love what she created - and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit and create a beautiful memory of our holidays? Go look at Shimelle's site & join in! Come play with us!

I have to share Shimelle's own words from her site - they express the 'why' very well:

It’s something that started small. One year it was just me and my pen and my book, trying to take back Christmas and rediscover my love of the holiday after a few years when Christmas lacked a certain sparkle. The second Christmas, I shared the idea with a small group of crafty friends, just to see if this reclaiming idea was something that made sense outside of my head. It did. And from there, Journal your Christmas became an online class that I shared with the rest of the world. And by ‘rest of the world’, I mean we now have Christmas journallers from more than forty countries.

This is the most magical time of the year, so it’s time to make Journal your Christmas just a bit more magical yet.


A passing

I don't know if you're familiar with Longaberger baskets, but they've always been a huge thing here in Ohio. I was a sales consultant back about 7 years ago & I've collected them for longer than I can remember. I am lucky enough to have Grandma Bonnie's signature on at least one of my baskets, though I never did get one from Dave. He was an awesome man, as was his mother. I'm sure Grandma Bonnie's family is going to miss her, a lot.

From today's Columbus Dispatch:
The matriarch of the Longaberger basket family, Bonnie Jean Gist Longaberger, died yesterday at the age of 100.

Known as "Grandma Bonnie" in her hometown of Dresden in Muskingum County, she was the mother of the business' late founder, Dave Longaberger. She and her late husband, J.W., raised 12 children in Dresden and operated a small basket-weaving company.

That's where Dave Longaberger learned to make baskets. It's also where, in the 1970s, he started his multimillion-dollar company.

In a letter on the company Web site, Tami Longaberger, chief executive officer and president, described her grandmother as resilient, strong and funny.

"She had a common-sense attitude and enjoyed simple living," Longaberger wrote. "She never complained. She always believed in forging ahead and she did it with a wit and sense of humor that made us chuckle out loud."

Bonnie Longaberger lived in a Dresden home and watched the town grow along with her son's business. Thousands of visitors have come to see where the Longaberger baskets were made.



What a stash-filled day yesterday was - which is always a good thing!

This first packet is from Stephanie at Homespun Hospitality. I think I mentioned it in an earlier blog ... the $ she raised from these packets she made helps fund grocery gift cards for families in her school district. An awesome thoughtful project!

This is the stash I ordered & received within the week from Artchix Studios - one of my absolute favorite online stores! Can't wait to play!

And this last one ... oh, what fun I'm going to have as this stirs many memories! It's a journal book made from a 1948 geometry book ... too fun! Melissa has wonderful vintage creations in her Etsy shop. You may notice my thank you card on the book is from her other shop Crab Apple Designs, which is moving to BlueCake...

Have you shopped in Etsy yet? You should! Such wonderful handmade creations await you!

More Christmas

As we enter the last week of Lisa Pace's "12 Days of Christmas" class, I finally made one of the weekend projects. Yea! It's the second photo here - a gift card pocket. The first picture is of what's supposed to be a candy bar holder, but I made mine totally out of paper & didn't make it to hold anything - just to look pretty. ;-) This class has really helped me get into the Christmas spirit & seeing others' creations has pushed my own imagination. Never a bad thing!



The viewing of Twilight last night was wonderful! The movie is great!! There were a few special effects I thought were a bit wonky, but overall, it was a very good movie. When it came to an end, I sat there, bewildered, and asked aloud when the second one started - now??? The books are a beautiful romance ... and it translated quite well to the movie screen.

Yep, we're going again next weekend!

New England

The guys had a wonderful camping trip this year ... the 2 weeks T is gone pass so quickly, for both of us. Thought I'd share a few of the pictures T took this year. While I don't want to camp at this time of year (brrrr!), I am very ready for a trip to New England now!

Fireside in the snow

Snow's moving in

"Tent" on the right is their kitchen area

The teepee


One more day!

Well, first ... my DD will be HOME this afternoon! YEA!!!! I've not seen her for 3 weeks & I miss her a LOT! She's bringing 2 friends home so they can go to the Puddle of Mudd concert tonight. Almost wish I was going with them, but standing for hours at a concert just isn't so appealing anymore. ;-)

Then ... tomorrow is TWILIGHT! Seriously, if you've not read the books & you're into beautiful romance at all - read the books! They're a fast read (I read all 4 in 2 weeks) & very enjoyable. So, tomorrow night, my DD, a group of her friends, another mom & I are off to the movies. They'll be wearing the bracelets I made them, I'll be wearing the one I received from a wonderful friend ... and we'll have a blast! Ahhhh .... Edward ... YUM!!!


I love paper!!!

Yep, another done! Lisa's original is prettier - her paper choice is very pretty! - but, I do like this & will make more. What, oh, what, to put in the pocket?


Library card envelope finish

These are so much fun!! I made the one on the left last night, the second one tonight. And I shouldn't have played last night - the solid green is supposed to be the patterned paper that's on the flip side! *lol* Oh well ... it works anyway.

Thank you to all who leave comments! I really appreciate them all!

Christmas book swap

Mary has set up a book swap that sounds like great fun! Won't you join us there?

I did take my meds, right?

If you've followed me through blogland for a long time, you know occasionally I rant about my office - well, coworkers, bosses, etc. Regardless .. you've now been warned. ;-)

From my own form of PTSD or whatever, I have a very low tolerance for noise & certain sounds are my own extreme form of Chinese water torture. Clacking keyboards, loose dentures, pens being clicked repeatedly - all rank up there with fingernails across a chalkboard for me. And, unfortunately for both of us, the coworker who sits in the cubicle across from my office loudly breezes in each morning, then proceeds to rapid-fire whatever into her computer - keys of her keyboard screaming in agony at the pain she inflicts on them. Meanwhile, I sit in my office, cringing, wanting to explode into some superHulk, able to rip her hands from her keyboard in a nannosecond.

So, here I sit ... door pushed closed most of the way, internet radio playing ... trying to not throw my door open & scream at her to be quiet. Hmm .. it helped to imagine myself as a hulked up whatever, ripping her keyboard to pieces. *lol*

I wish I had the discipline to work at home. I don't think I do, so I have to suck it up & push myself through the days, beyond thankful for the days she isn't here.

Why can't I win the lottery I don't play? ;o)


More bracelets

I don't think I've posted pics of these before .. if I'm that forgetful, I'm sorry! ;o)

The first is one I made last night. It's a K&Company bracelet kit I got on sale at PizazzIt - and I love it! It came with many pieces for the inserts, so now I'll be buying blanks from Artchix & getting to work on more. The second is of the 3 "Twilight" bracelets I made K & 2 of her friends, for the movie viewing Friday night. The last is the winter bracelet I made for my mom. Yeah, I'm addicted ...


We finally got snow here ... this is what I saw this morning as I left for work. The bird feeder had a good amount on it's top but the picture I took of it was even darker & fuzzier than this one. Brrrr....! And now they're saving we may get 1" of snow tonight! Watch it be hot on Christmas! *lol*

So what's the weather like, where you are? Have you had your first snow yet? Or do you even get snow?


Check it out!

Debra Cooper has a wonderful blog ... and, now, a great giveaway. If you are into art journaling, please ... go see!


It's in the details ... #4, 5 & 6

The 12 Days of Christmas online workshop is such a blast! Lisa posts the week's projects Monday, Wednesday & Friday - so far, though, I've played catchup on Saturday instead of doing them during the week. She also has weekend projects - 3 now - and I've not done any. The first is really cute, but not my style - so I won't be making it. The second - a 'matchbook' is a small handmade journal or notepad. It's really cute & I do hope to make it. This week's is a coffee cup cozy (as in, a Starbucks paper cup). It's very frilly & pretty ... but, I almost never buy coffee out. Someone suggested making them as napkin rings instead & I may do that, as I have a cousin who uses cloth napkins & all every day. We'll see if I make the time ... *lol*

Oh, and my version here of #6 is different than others'. Lisa's version is made from felt & is a real stocking. I'm into paper crafting today, so mine's paper. It was still supposed to be a 'whole' stocking but ... paying such close attention as I was (NOT!) I cut both sides from the same side of the template. So, my stocking's one dimensional - and I have another cut, ready to make! :-)

rain rain go away ...!

We had a beautiful fall day here yesterday - sun, warm temps - very nice! But, as with most things, good things come to an end ... today it's raining (a lot) and we're to get snow flurries tonight & tomorrow. Silly weather....

T got home last night from his annual 2 week trip to New England. YEA!! It's nice to be able to spread my stuff everywhere while he's gone - leave projects spread hither & yon - but, it's nicer to have him home.

I played with another winter bracelet last night. I'm not sure if it needs more 'bling' or not. I've sent it to the person I think I'm making it for (if she likes it) to get her opinion - but, what do you think? Add more of the red & green crystals?


Finished spools

Well, I have this many done .. more to come ... They are such fun! The first photo is what the rolled ribbon looks like, the second is the finished product. The idea is from Somerset Life, the autumn edition.

Edit: These are 'just' gifts .. the designer, Nelda Ream Jinkerson, calls them "Encouraging Words" and, like her, I tried to use inspirational/caring quotes on the ribbons.


A new one

Thankfully, Sandy reminded me of an online class we'd signed up for 'cause it started yesterday & I was totally clueless! Some little voice in my head was wondering if I was doing all I was supposed to - had all of the classes started, were some yet to be, what?? Again, fortunately, Sandy reminded me of class #2, Stories in Hand. I sat tonight & did the first day's work - but have decided I need to buy 8.5x11 white cardstock instead of sitting here, cutting down 12x12. Very wasteful - of resource & time. So, I'll get that tomorrow & dig back in. Yep, I'll be sharing pictures!

I played with my Slice tonight & made little tags that will go on these spools. You probably can't see it, but they are wrapped with a handwritten message about hope or love or whatever, written on ribbon. I'll share completed pictures later this week.

Veteran's Day

My guy's a Vietnam vet ... and while he's not sitting right here beside me right now, he knows how incredible I think he is, both as the individual he is as well as the veteran he is. To survive, in any part, the hell he endured in Vietnam is truly a miracle & often leaves me awestruck. He & I are the same age & while he was entrenched in monsoons & heat & all of the rest of war, I was naively attending college & wanting desperately to be a war protestor. My boyfriend of the time was & I thought that was the coolest thing. Yes, I did truly believe that the nonsense of Vietnam needed to end immediately & still think it's one of the worst experiences we put our countrymen & women through - I wish we'd been able then to separate the people in the fight from the people in Washington, and had been able to shout "support the troops!" regardless of what we thought of the powers-that-were. I thank God every day for the gift of my guy ... and praise, again daily, every individual who ever has helped keep our country free. God bless every one of them!



Recently, I bought an awesome composition journal online .. hmm ... have I shown you that? Ok, another day ... For now, though, I thought I'd share the first page. And it is THE first page - something I've not done in a journal yet. First pages are intimidating!

But, since this book is going to be quotes (thanks, Sandy, for the inspiration!) & whatever else word-wise comes into my head, how better to start?

winter's in the air

Can you feel it? It's cold enough here!!! So, I spent part of today working on these. The first has some crystals yet to be added, but the second one is complete. Brrrr....!!!


Have you gotten hooked yet? Are you a Twilight addict? If not, well, why not? ;-) My DD read the book a couple of years ago & has inhaled the following 3. I just didn't read them. Too many other books waiting for me. Then, for whatever reason, I decided to read Twilight. Guess I just wondered what the hullabaloo was all about. The movie's due out in a couple of weeks, my DD & 2 of her college friends are coming home to see it with a group ... and, now, me, too.

As T prepared for his camping trip, I bought The Artist's Way, determined to at least begin reading it while he was gone. Quiet time here, so ... good time. A bit of personal exploration time, you know?

Then ... I bought Twilight. Have NOT touched TAW, though I see it sitting there on my shelf, brooding, sad that I've not lifted it from its place. I've now read Twilight & am almost done with New Moon. Friday, while out on errands, I thought about buying Eclipse & thought "no, it'll take the rest of the weekend to get through Twilight". HA!!! I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday morning, buying Eclipse & New Moon. So, now we have the full set (#4 is already here) and I have little doubt I'll be through all of the books by the end of the week. Yep, New Moon is almost done.

If you've entertained the thought at all of reading these, DO! I'm sure there are some who've started reading the books & stopped ... but, I don't see how. *lol*


Last one tonight

Ok, I've finished the 3 for last week .. so that's it for this weekend. Need to clean house tomorrow & work on other projects.

Lisa has a special weekend project we can choose to do as well. I didn't do last weekend's but will, at some point, get to this weekend's ... a cute matchcover list book. Very cute!

Another one ...

...and one to the next one tonight ...

Finally participating

I've finally gotten supplies together & started the 12 Days of Christmas project (see side photo). Finally! This little cutie is our first ... Boy, is it fun (sarcasm there) working with tulle.

play time!

Until I grab a few photos from my Facebook storage, here's a little of what I've made lately...


Customer service

So ... I want to play (now!) with my Christmas journal(s) and I have a firm idea in my head of how I want it to look. I want a 6x6, "bound" with 3 binder rings. I've not found such a thing easily in Michael's or Joann's, so have decided I'll just make my own. No big deal, at all. I have supplies to buy for online classes, too, so tomorrow's errand-running day (yea, no work!). Our weather's to not be nice at all this weekend, so I'll get my stuff & bunker in & play. :-)

This morning, I called Archiver's to make sure they have a die-cut machine and dies for what I want to make. Hmm ... how do I say this? The person who answered the phone bordered on rude & before she'd even hung up from talking with me, she was apologizing to a person in the store for the interruption. I appreciate her service to people in the store, but that means you diss the callers? The last time I called up there, I had a similar experience. I love going in that store - they always have such wonderful stock - but if they can't be as helpful on the phone as in person, why drive there?

So, I called PizazzIt - my other local favorite store. I was holding off going out there, since I have a class there next week, but ... I want to get started! Sue was, as always, awesome with her answers, her suggestions ... and, yep, I'll be there tomorrow instead of at Archiver's. (Thank you, Sue & staff, for always being so great!) And, if I decide I have to buy a Slice, I've got my 20% pass .... ok, I'm not going to buy one, I'm not ... I'm not .... I'm ... not ...


to keep myself busy...

I started this this evening ... boy, do my fingers hurt! ;o)

I've signed up for 2 online classes ... I think I shared that in my other blog. (oh, for a brain!) One started this weekend, the other starts in a week. What have I gotten myself into?!?! *lol* The first can be found at Lisa Pace's site - The 12 Days of Christmas. Looks like it'll be creative fun, though I see supplies I need to get for this week. The area craft stores must love me... Maybe I need a second job??? Yeah, right ....


What a great time, having my daughter home for a couple of days!!

I made her & Carrot matching bracelets. Hmm..and I now realize this pic doesn't show the fronts! Sheesh ...

I had this as 2 single bracelets, but wanted to always wear them together - so, now it's a 3-strand.

And, last, we have pictures of sunlight through trees nearby ... the Firelands of Ohio, taken on the way to pick up K from college ... and, what's a road trip without a stop in Hobby Lobby to play!


A new beginning ... For whatever reason, I've felt compelled to start anew. If you've followed me from my old blog, welcome back! If you're a new reader, hello! please introduce yourself!

And ... thank you, always, for letting me share my world with you.