Customer service

So ... I want to play (now!) with my Christmas journal(s) and I have a firm idea in my head of how I want it to look. I want a 6x6, "bound" with 3 binder rings. I've not found such a thing easily in Michael's or Joann's, so have decided I'll just make my own. No big deal, at all. I have supplies to buy for online classes, too, so tomorrow's errand-running day (yea, no work!). Our weather's to not be nice at all this weekend, so I'll get my stuff & bunker in & play. :-)

This morning, I called Archiver's to make sure they have a die-cut machine and dies for what I want to make. Hmm ... how do I say this? The person who answered the phone bordered on rude & before she'd even hung up from talking with me, she was apologizing to a person in the store for the interruption. I appreciate her service to people in the store, but that means you diss the callers? The last time I called up there, I had a similar experience. I love going in that store - they always have such wonderful stock - but if they can't be as helpful on the phone as in person, why drive there?

So, I called PizazzIt - my other local favorite store. I was holding off going out there, since I have a class there next week, but ... I want to get started! Sue was, as always, awesome with her answers, her suggestions ... and, yep, I'll be there tomorrow instead of at Archiver's. (Thank you, Sue & staff, for always being so great!) And, if I decide I have to buy a Slice, I've got my 20% pass .... ok, I'm not going to buy one, I'm not ... I'm not .... I'm ... not ...


Sandy said...

So excited that you've chosed your format. I'm still thinking I'm going with a 12x12 again this year. I tend to add too much to my pages and it would all be falling off the 6x6. I love working with the smaller sizes though so maybe I could go down to the 8x8. Hmmmmm. I love the ring bound idea and was thinking of doing that since making my newspaper journal this summer for art class. Although I won't be using a newspaper journal for Shimelle's class.

And yep, customer service does it everytime for me too. Don't you love those rude people in the world? And yes the phone is considered a part of their business even if they realize it. I'd report the lady to the manager and isn't Archiver's a chain? If so I'd let them know about what kind of Customer Service they are portraying to the public. People really need to learn that without the public you don't have a business. It doesn't matter what kind of day you're having, you leave your personal feelings at the door and put a smile in your voice. I know I've worked with the public.

Have fun at Pizazzlt. They sound awesome and that Slice looks great. I've not seen one in person yet, you never know about me though. LOL I'm still loving my Cricket that I got a couple of years back. I've seen some great ideas with the Slice and making the paper Christmas tree ornaments among other things on blogs.

Can't wait to see what you decide.

Oh and problem I spoke about earlier has been remedied. Taken care of, solved. On my part at least. LOL

Have a great shopping day, I want pictures of the "loot", esp. when it comes to scrapbooking or art journaling.

Pumpkin said...

I don't blame you for going to the other store. I hate it when stores are rude >:o(

I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve ;o)