I have read and/or experienced many people's outpourings of gratitude recently - so many are so beautifully in the spirit of Thanksgiving (be it in the US or elsewhere in the world). We all know people who are having a rough time in our current economy .. you may be one who is. I know I don't have much left over after a pay day, even though the cost of gas is thankfully down. I shared here the other day about Stephanie and her NAKK's that will help purchase grocery cards for families in her school district. Today, I received an email from my fav local bead shop (1StopBeadShop) - the owner, Lisa, was expressing her gratitude for many things (all beautifully said), then ended with an offer to those who would help her shop contribute to our local MidOhio Food Bank. I think it's awesome how so many people are finding ways to give of themselves in ways that continue the giving - paying it forward, if you will. None of us need tangible rewards for giving of ourselves - but that some are doing that shows to me how widely open they are in their giving.
People could so easily turn away from giving ... times are tough. Instead, we're seeing people finding ways to give even more, to help those who need more. If that doesn't make you smile, if that doesn't warm your heart, if that doesn't inspire you to give a little bit more of yourself .. well, hmph. And what am I doing more? I've not thought it all through yet, but I've got an idea or two rambling around in my head that I hope to bring to fruition in the next day or two.

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Pumpkin said...

Lovely post Nancy. The thing is, people do try and give this time of year but it should be more than just during this time. I'm guilty for doing it. Maybe that should be a resolution for me, try harder all through the year instead of just once a year :o)