It's in the details ... #4, 5 & 6

The 12 Days of Christmas online workshop is such a blast! Lisa posts the week's projects Monday, Wednesday & Friday - so far, though, I've played catchup on Saturday instead of doing them during the week. She also has weekend projects - 3 now - and I've not done any. The first is really cute, but not my style - so I won't be making it. The second - a 'matchbook' is a small handmade journal or notepad. It's really cute & I do hope to make it. This week's is a coffee cup cozy (as in, a Starbucks paper cup). It's very frilly & pretty ... but, I almost never buy coffee out. Someone suggested making them as napkin rings instead & I may do that, as I have a cousin who uses cloth napkins & all every day. We'll see if I make the time ... *lol*

Oh, and my version here of #6 is different than others'. Lisa's version is made from felt & is a real stocking. I'm into paper crafting today, so mine's paper. It was still supposed to be a 'whole' stocking but ... paying such close attention as I was (NOT!) I cut both sides from the same side of the template. So, my stocking's one dimensional - and I have another cut, ready to make! :-)


Sandy said...

Those turned out great. Love all three of them. :D

Pumpkin said...

It sure sounds like you're having a great time with this :o) You've got some lovely projects there.