A new one

Thankfully, Sandy reminded me of an online class we'd signed up for 'cause it started yesterday & I was totally clueless! Some little voice in my head was wondering if I was doing all I was supposed to - had all of the classes started, were some yet to be, what?? Again, fortunately, Sandy reminded me of class #2, Stories in Hand. I sat tonight & did the first day's work - but have decided I need to buy 8.5x11 white cardstock instead of sitting here, cutting down 12x12. Very wasteful - of resource & time. So, I'll get that tomorrow & dig back in. Yep, I'll be sharing pictures!

I played with my Slice tonight & made little tags that will go on these spools. You probably can't see it, but they are wrapped with a handwritten message about hope or love or whatever, written on ribbon. I'll share completed pictures later this week.


Sandy said...

Love those spools. I've yet to find a 6x6 album. And I don't have time to go shopping until Sat. to find one. Oh for the love of Football. UGH......LOL I can catch up though. The class is only for one week.

I started Elsie's today and it looks really interesting. I haven't been able to start on Lisa's yet either. I thought I'd have a lot of spare time by now. NOT....

I did upload some more photos to my flickr, go check those out.

Pumpkin said...

You are really finding some neat things to make and just think of all the learning you are doing too!