What a great time, having my daughter home for a couple of days!!

I made her & Carrot matching bracelets. Hmm..and I now realize this pic doesn't show the fronts! Sheesh ...

I had this as 2 single bracelets, but wanted to always wear them together - so, now it's a 3-strand.

And, last, we have pictures of sunlight through trees nearby ... the Firelands of Ohio, taken on the way to pick up K from college ... and, what's a road trip without a stop in Hobby Lobby to play!


Sandy said...

love the pics, the new bracelet is so pretty. Love the fall trees. The boa pics looks like something I would do. LOL

Glad ya'll had a great time this weekend.

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful bracelets and photo of you and K :o)