Veteran's Day

My guy's a Vietnam vet ... and while he's not sitting right here beside me right now, he knows how incredible I think he is, both as the individual he is as well as the veteran he is. To survive, in any part, the hell he endured in Vietnam is truly a miracle & often leaves me awestruck. He & I are the same age & while he was entrenched in monsoons & heat & all of the rest of war, I was naively attending college & wanting desperately to be a war protestor. My boyfriend of the time was & I thought that was the coolest thing. Yes, I did truly believe that the nonsense of Vietnam needed to end immediately & still think it's one of the worst experiences we put our countrymen & women through - I wish we'd been able then to separate the people in the fight from the people in Washington, and had been able to shout "support the troops!" regardless of what we thought of the powers-that-were. I thank God every day for the gift of my guy ... and praise, again daily, every individual who ever has helped keep our country free. God bless every one of them!

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Pumpkin said...

Beautiful post Nancy :o)