Busy bee here

I've been doing a bit of crafting, a bit of gift receiving & giving - including for myself! - and I got one page of my JYC done yesterday. ONE!! I think I now have THREE to get done! YIKES!

Some of my stitching friends & I exchange "12 Days of Christmas" gifts - and, coincidentally, 12 days out is my birthday! *lol* Anyway, Lauren & I are partners this year ... and silly me, I forgot to take pictures of what I gave her, so she'll just have to share ... For my part, I've opened my first two: a darling snow picture on glass that I'm going to hang from the chandelier over our dining table.
OH! And I almost forgot ... she gave me a generous piece of her "Golden Harvest" fabric AND cards of her new handdyed flosses! Now, to stitch ... ;o) Thank you, Lauren!

This is a bracelet I made myself of furnace glass beads. Love it!

And, finally, JYC day 13 - obviously, about songs! :o) I love Christmas carols & hymns & have wonderful memories tied to many of them, which I'll journal more about, on a partner page ... some day ...

And, last but not least, though I've yet to take the first picture of it all ... THANK YOU, Sandy, for making my birthday a wonderfully memorable day! Sandy was so generous! The funniest was the phone call I got from her on Friday, telling me I had to go to PizazzIt 'cause there was something there for me. Of course, I went right away! She gave me a gift certificate, which I'll use as soon as their Slice "FaLaLa" cards come in! The sweetest of them all was her birthday greeting on her blog. Told you ... she made my day! THANK YOU, dear wonderful friend!


Pumpkin said...

It sounds like your big day was good all around :o) I'm happy to hear that there were people out there to make it so.

Sandy said...

You're very welcome. Glad you liked it. :D