“We share our self-love with others when we share our creations.”
— Kristi Tencarre

I just read this quote & wanted to share it with ... well, you! :o)

What do you create? Do you alter books, cross stitch, garden, paint ... ? If so, please be sure to share with others! Let the world see you, know you, appreciate you!


Latharia said...

Great quote! And timely ... 'cause lots of people are getting some handmade creations from me this year! :D Thanks for stopping by my blog ... and seeing some of my creations!

Lisa said...

Hi Nancy! You had stopped by abeadaday and asked about that magnetic clasp. I found that at the Easton Michael's store, but they also have them at the Michael's up on SR23, just off Polaris Parkway. They are not in the regular aisle, but they are on a display at the end of a bead aisle with lots of the sort of tarnished bronze looking chains and pieces and parts.