An online group sent out a prompt today about 'grace' .. where you find it, how you define it, if anyone's shown you grace lately ...

And this was in another email today:"Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they, too, have their story."

Very interesting that both appear today as I was reminded earlier today about a Tarot reading I had in October as well as a life path reading a friend did for me. One of the cards in my reading was the 'death' card which does not often actually mean death but means an absolute end to something. I've felt very strongly that it has to do with my stitching but I know I have no intention of never crossing another "x" - so, why would I would I think that that's the tie?

Add in today's messages about grace, about trying to be on 'good terms' with all people ... and I have to acknowledge the tie. I have to recognize the sign ... I've been part of a group of wonderful women, our common thread (or should that be floss? *lol*) being our love of cross stitching. A few months ago, words I said were very misinterpreted and though I apologized, though I tried to mend the perceived hurt, I've learned recently that apparently my attempts were for naught. My heart's hurt as I've realized someone's apparently decided to just totally write me off without saying a word. ["apparently" because nothing has been said directly to me, so I'll leave that little door open for my possible misinterpretation] It has seemed to me that this has made others uncomfortable or reluctant and it hurts to think others are so affected by something that should now be put away as a memory. I've worked to have this joyous attitude, a "Christmas" attitude this year ... and I won't let this damper my enthusiasm, but it most assuredly affects my willingness to 'give' as I'd planned.

Wow, what a long way around to say, I think I have to acknowledge that the 'absolute end' is me, within that group. I know I have friends within that group of women & those friendships will not end ... but somehow, there is an end to the 'group' functionality. How that works through remains to be seen, and I'll continue to pray that the situation heals .. But I'll also acknowledge & accept that life does indeed go on, regardless.

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