Happy New Year!

Life's been hectic here ... T's son & his family were here for 4 days, so it was a true whirlwind of adults & kids & fun! I've not done much of anything crafty for at least a week & am having major withdrawal right now. I will be working on my Kelly Kilmer class prep tonight!

I read about a "resolution revolution" on another blog & am really taken with the idea. Christine offers suggestions of words to use in your own revolution & as I looked over the list, I found many grabbed me - but the strongest (so far) was "gratitude". I think that's a good place for me to begin creating positive changes in my life. I know I'm not alone in this - I often realize I'm sitting there, grumpy 'cause something hasn't gone my way or I've not gotten 'enough' of whatever or...or...or. Instead of looking at the positive - like, I received a payroll bonus & should be grateful I (a) have a job and (b) work some place that can & does give bonuses - my first reaction was "why did that one get more than me? why did I get just $x more than her?" Sad, wrong reactions. I can try to justify that with my opinions about things in my workplace - but, why? What does being ungrateful achieve, especially for my own mental health? Nada. Nothing. Zip.

BUT ... if I focus instead on being appreciative of what I've been given ... wow! I'm smiling, thinking how wonderful it is - thinking about how I can bank most of it, gift my niece a bit of it, the few art supplies I need for my class won't stretch me so much now ... I do embrace the positive energy of it all & release the pettiness into la-la land, away from me.

So ... what word would you choose? What one thing might you focus on in 2009?


Sandy said...

I choose one word each year since reading about it on Ali's blog http://www.aliedwards.typepad.com/ 2 year ago.

My word this year is Peace and the meaning I'm using is Tranquillity, serenity.

I love your sentiment and your word. It's a great idea to pick a word for a year. :D

Glad you'll have more time to create, it does your mind good to get it all out.

Pumpkin said...

What a neat idea. I like how the word you chose will change your outlook on things. I'm not really sure what word I would use...