It's COLD!

So far this season of impending winter, I've managed to get around town with a fleece jacket - if one at all. As much as I love cold & snow, I hate big bulky coats. I have a 25+ year old Eddie Bauer jacket I won't part with, despite the fact it's traveled all over the country when I was a trucker (and thus probably still has RotellaT & diesel fuel on it) because it's such a wonderful GoreTex jacket. Have I said I hate bulky coats? Yep, fleece or Eddie Bauer for me!

But today?

IT'S COLD! We've had snow flurries off & on all day, wind, a bit of sunshine ... and COLD! I hope wherever you are, you're at least inside out of the elements if your weather's like ours!

But, I braved the weather ... had lunch with 2 of my best buds & one's darling almost-3-year-old daughter. We went to an Asian/Sushi restaurant I'd never been to & it was yummy! Yep, I had sushi - and, thanks to my vacation in Arizona, hot & sour soup. YUMMMM!! I'll post pictures of the Christmas presents I received today (note to self: take pictures!) soon.


Sandy said...

Wow you were a trucker? You go girl. I didn't know that. My Aunt's a trucker, she's a bad ass. :D I'm picturing you in a Western now in a shoot out or something. I know, I know. It's just how truckers are classified as being tough but that's just so cool.

It's cold down here too. 34 degrees, cold for me. And I don't get to wear bulky jackets. Last night it was in the 40's and I just had on a fleece pullover. LOL My jacket was in the SUV. We don't like jackets in the South, we're just not used to them.

Hope you're weather makes up it's mind soon.

Mary said...


You would fit right into our family of truckers. It is a hard and lonely life at times.

Just to let you know I'm putting a little something in the mail to you at the beginning of the week. It's a special surprise because you are so sweet.


Pumpkin said...

It's been like that here until this past week. Now it's winter coats and mittens :o(