JYC manifesto

Because I have this thought working & don't want to totally lose it, I'm going to begin my 'manifesto' for the Journal Your Christmas class here. I plan to share pages from my album as the days go by, hoping that will push me to stay focused, to do what I can on a daily basis. So, you're my cheerleaders ... If I'm MIA, give me a shout! *lol*

To combine some of Shimelle's words with my own:

Starting today, December 1, I will keep a Christmas journal in the album I decorated over the past weekend. I will include something every day - to reflect on the holidays past, to commemorate the joy of the present holidays & to dream about those holidays in our future. I am taking back Christmas ... and I'm hoping to include my daughter in my effort. K has become disgruntled with "the holidays" over the past years after her father & I divorced. There were rough years - who would be where when and all of that nonsense. Before we divorced, there were heated discussions about how we opened presents and who would be where when. And now, with the family we've joined, getting such a large group of people together has become a seemingly monumental task. As long as I have K & T with me, the rest just doesn't matter.

I want Christmas to be joyful for us ... I want this year to be a most memorable season for us. And I will give myself at least 15 minutes each day through the season to creating that season ... making something with my own hands, in my own words, through my own memories.


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Pumpkin said...

Way to go Nancy! I'm sure it will help you enjoy the holidays that much more this year :o)