Love my gifts!

This GORGEOUS needle holder is my 4th day gift in the "12 days of Christmas" exchange. I LOVE it! Thank you, Lauren!!! (She has one present marked as the 'last day' gift to open ... When I called to thank her for this, she was surprised because IT was supposed to be the last day gift! *lol*)

This cute li'l bunny is from two of K's friends at college. They were here a couple of weeks ago & are such great girls! Anyway, they started calling me "funny bunny" last week ... and decided to get me a bunny for my birthday. According to their note with the gift, they couldn't find a stuffed bunny anywhere, so they made me this! And, they included a bag of my fav candy - dark chocolate M&M's - YUMMMMM!!! Thank you, girls!!!


Sandy said...

These are both pretty. Love the bunny, too funny. LOL

Milly~ said...

Love the needle holder from Lauren.

Pumpkin said...

Wonderful gifts :o) I might just have to steal that bunny (and the chocolate). LOL!