Merry after-Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

We've got family in from out of town, so the weekend's going to be a wild one - but all fun! I'll post pictures later. ;o) We've had a great Christmas - even had a long-time friend stop by on Christmas day, which was an extra blessing.

I hope none of you are too affected by the wild weather that seems to be occurring everywhere ... we're to have temps in the mid-60's today & high winds!! And it's December?!?!?


Sherry said...

You're in Ohio and you're having 60-degree weather? Wow! We've had 75 to 80-degree weather here in SC but we've finally figured out that we can't figure out December! It may get to be 25 to 30 and it may be the 75-80 range. Nature is amazing!

Pumpkin said...

Sound like you had a wonderful Christmas :o)