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since I've had such an overwhelming response to a new blog name (lol) I'm going ahead now with the announcement of a new blog & name: Tammy, thank you! "What's Next, Nancy?" seems quite fitting for me! Anne & Kathy, thank you both for your suggestions!

Anne & Tammy, if you'd please email me your mailing addresses, I'll send your winnings to you.

Thanks again, everyone!

I'd appreciate your help

I need to create a new blog. With my name & email address change, I can only post to my blog with my new info, so to give myself full access to my own blog, I have to start a new blog. I can import this blog into it, so my posts & comments come with me ... but, that's the extent of what I can do with my old name & old email address.

So ... are you feeling creative? I'm not. I now have a cold, along with cruise lag, and don't seem to be able to come up with anything for a new title. Please help? I'm leaving this post as my "first" post until Sunday, October 25, 2009, at noon. If you'd please leave me a comment with a suggested blog title (be nice, please! lol), I'll draw 2 names from the list of commenters & they will each receive one of the ATC's I created for the cruise (see earlier posts to see them). The person with the "winning" title will receive each of my cruise ATC's as well as a third ATC (also created by me). Please be sure to post your name & a blog title or email address for me to reach you. My plan is to draw the names before Sunday evening. One entry per person, please. I'd like my title to reflect "me" ... what you've learned of me here.

Thank you for helping this cold-addled tired blogger!


And the cruise memories continue...

As we drove through Mazatlan, we went past the open air food markets, a full-block open air floral shop & fresh fish vendors, lined up on the sides of the streets. Our guide stepped off to get some shrimp to show us the beautifully HUGE shrimp that are caught in nearby. Bet they are yummy!

The drive along the beach is full of statuary ... Wish we could have just stopped & wandered along the beach.

Nothing like traveling to California & Mexico to meet 2 women from right here in central Ohio! Heidi & Terra own & operate an online store, Simon Says Stamp! Heidi & Terra are real sweethearts .. we had great fun traveling in the same group with them. Check out their store - it's a warehouse with thousands of goodies!

One of the projects I didn't get completed on the cruise was Tim's shadow box - so I finished it tonight. I love it! We collaged a 2" canvas with paper from an old book, then a ticket - then covered it all with wax. We also collaged the box's backboard with vintage ledger paper, then covered it with wax, too. It was my first encaustic piece - I liked it so much, I bought beeswax & Suze Weinberg's hot wax applicator from our Marketplace! Yep, I'll be playing lots more with wax! Tim supplied us with all of the pieces/parts - his Ideaology, birds he'd purchased just for us, Heidi Swapp rub-ons & bling, an Ikea shadow box ... then we each did our own thing. The little photo here in mine (on the left side, under Tim's filmstrip ribbon) is a picture of T's great-grandfather.

More to come....


More cruise photos...

Thanks to Tim's fine business sense, I was able to purchase a 7Gypsies ATC rack from the Marketplace on the cruise - so today, I took it to my office and hung 80 of the cards I received in the cruise swap. I love it! It's so sweet to be able to look at all of these wonderful memories while I sit at my desk ... Can almost hear the laughter, feel the sun on my back...

The class I forgot to list earlier was Wendy's "Fragments" necklace, which I finished last night. What a fun piece of art to wear!

Sherry finished her necklace with adding pieces of Ideaology & making the Fragment pieces two-sided. I really like that - there were times I'd look down & some of mine would be turned around ... not the best look. (lol) So, yeah, I thought my necklace was done...

T's younger son's birthday is Saturday, so T asked me to make his card, which I did last night. I followed one of Wendy's creations from her book, doing my own thing when I didn't have one of her stamps. The GrungePaper pumpkin is such fun to make! The journal tag is one of Tim's, the background paper is Graphic45.


I'm sorry, Wendy!

When I listed the cruise classes I'd taken, I forgot one ... then, this evening, when I sorted through all of my cruise stash, I couldn't find what I'd made in that class. Talk about panic! Fortunately, I found it -in with my pens - how weird!

Anyway, Wendy taught a Fragments necklace class - it was such fun! We were given Ideaology Fragment charms, a packet of Jenni Bowlin's mini papers & a lengthy piece of Tim's chain link. Oh, and a Sakura black Glaze pen - and bling from ... hmm .. ok, I'll get back to you on that vendor.

I cleaned my pieces up this evening, created a few more ... and here's a less than perfect picture of them, as they dry. When I get them made into the necklace, I'll post a new picture.


Let the pictures begin...

We boarded The Mariner of the Seas on Sunday - absolutely no problems checking in, though finding our stateroom was an adventure. Our room was on Deck 2 - as in, the tendering deck is #1, then you go up. Since we were low in the ship, our deck was divided into 2 sections, with different sets of elevators feeding the sections. Yep, we went down the forward elevators first. That'd be fine if we wanted to go to the Conference Center (where our classes, the art room & the marketplace were) or the ice rink - but, not our rooms. We figured it out - go to Deck 5, walk across the Royal Promenade, take the Centrum Lift down and viola! our hallways!

After we settled into our room, went to the upper decks to watch us leave port & catch some sun, we had dinner, then a "welcome" party for we Artful voyagers. All of our "crew" was introduced by Jim West of ScrapMap - Wendy Vecchi & her husband Rick, Tim Holtz & Mario, Karen (aka Keychain) & Michelle - and, Jaci & Michele from ScrapMap.

We each had 3 classes with Tim & 2 with Wendy. This "collage" box was our mega class with Tim. The frames are from Ikea, the bling's from Heidi Swapp, the birds & Ideaology pieces were from Tim - and, we played with beeswax & Suze's hot was applicators. What FUN stuff! This is my box in process ... some pieces moved while coming home, so I'll open it back up & fix it, then post another photo.

Our first class with Wendy was making an art apron (mine's the next photo here). Each class we entered, we had all of our supplies were all set at each place, as shown here. The Ranger travel pack you see here was a gift to each of us & had an archival ink pad (black), a Distress Ink pad (brushed mahogany - Wendy's favorite), Rock Candy Stickles, a black Paint Dabber, Rock Candy Distress paint, a white ink pen. We each received our own Blending Tool & the small bottle of Claudine Hellmuth's matte medium - to keep!

I also stamped the pockets with 2 of Wendy's stamps - and "trimmed" the pockets with a "dash" roller stamp we each received from Glitz!

It was great fun seeing how we each finished our aprons - the diversity was cool!

To close, for tonight ... Cabo's beach in the early morning ...

I'm home!

Was this hard to leave? Oh, yeah!

I had a wonderful time on The Artful Voyage to Mexico! We had classes with Tim & Wendy ... made beautiful pieces of art! We made a travel journal, 2 pieces of jewelry & a collage box with Tim, and an art apron & a bulletin board with Wendy - learned new techniques, played with encaustic (wax) art, worked with Claudine Hellmuth's "Sticky-Back Canvas" - and, yes, I'll share pictures.

We had glorious weather, except for the day Tropical Storm Patricia made us change our course. We were to stop in Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday, but Patricia wanted to be there more, so we went on to Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta, then went back to Cabo. I was in Wendy's bulletin board class when the ship's pitching was at it's worst - and, yep, I got seasick. Dear, wonderful Mario shared his anti-seasickness pills with me, gave me some of his Coke to drink & crackers to eat - so I spent the class time in our stateroom, resting. The days in Mazatlan & Puerto were fun - hot, humid, lots of sightseeing, some shopping. Both cities were beautiful & our tour guides were great! I didn't go on land in Cabo - couldn't take anymore hot shops - but, that gave me a day of relaxation on deck at poolside & in the art room, working on my voyage journal.

We swapped ATC's - what wonderful pieces of art everyone created! I got a 7 Gypsies ATC rack to display them on in my office - what great memories they'll bring me as I sit at work! I made lots of new friends - even some from here in central Ohio. We received lots of freebies - whole packages of GrungeBoard, Cosmo Cricket papers, Heidi Swapp blings, Jenni Bowlin papers - lots of Ideaology, Hero Arts stamps (even one made just for us cruisers!) - it seemed endless! At our bon voyage party, I won a package of GrungeBoard & a packet of Halloween goodies from Cosmo Cricket. All of the vendors who donated to our party gave lots of product - thank you to all of them!

So, I'm home. Brought a cold home with me ... yuck! Anyone want to share? ;o)


Leaving on a jet plane!

Tomorrow morning, I'll board the plane & head to LA, where I'll meet up with some of my cruisemates. Then, Sunday, we'll board the ship & cruise off to Mexico with Tim & Wendy. Am I excited? OH YEAH!!!

This is the cover of my travel journal. Don't know how much I'll get done in it while onboard, but .. I'll have it with me just in case...

At the last minute, I decided to make "door art" for our cabin door, as many of my cruisemates have made. Hope my roomie likes it!


And the ride continues....

Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day! Our wedding went off without a hitch - the weather cooperated, all we invited were able to attend - a good time was had by all.

Today's been a quiet day at home, catching up on laundry & all. When I'm done with this post, then it's time for CRUISE prep!!! 5 more sleeps!


Fog, anyone?

Yeah, I know ... you're not supposed to take pictures while you drive ... but, I did - one! This morning's drive was a fogfest - one minute, just under the layer - the next, no fog - then totally enclosed in fog. Sure made the drive interesting!

One week 'til I'm in California, meeting all of my cruisemates, then boarding the ship on the 11th! CANNOT WAIT!

But, before that .... this Sunday is my wedding day! Yep, T & I are taking that plunge, one more time (lol). It'll be a small ceremony with about 15 of our family members with us. The weather should be nice, so we'll stand out under the trees as we share our vows.

So, I won't be posting here again probably until after I'm back & recovered from the cruise. Everyone, behave! *lol*



I usually leave for work while the sun's still sleeping, but today, I overslept. One of the blessings of being about 1/2 hour later leaving for work was seeing the beautiful colors of the eastern sky this morning ... Can't wait to see the sun rising, from the deck of the cruise ship ... in 16 days!



The second half are ready for their backs!

One set done!

Yea, me! One-half of my cruise ATC's are done - well, except for my info which needs to be printed then affixed to the backs. YEA!


Freedom of speech (vent alert!)

I'm so behind here on my blog home ... I spend my evenings furiously working away on my 170 ATC's for the cruise and/or spending time with T. I've reconstructed most of our hospital time in a Google document, both for my own sanity (aka journaling) as well as to give T a replacement, if you will, for the memory he does not have from his heart attack on. He did indeed have a heart attack on or about August 1, then ventricular fibrillation ("sudden cardiac arrest") on the 13th. I just cannot ever express my gratitude to God for sparing T's life, as well as to all of the EMS & hospital personnel who went above & beyond with T.

Our "freedom of speech" has been on my mind a lot the last month or so. I'll spare you most of the gorey details, but today's experience here at work just makes me want to SCREAM! I firmly believe we each are allowed our own opinions & thoughts, no matter if we live in the USA or anywhere else. BUT, I also believe in a time & a place, a filter ... I do NOT believe one has the right to be nasty in said expression. Someone else's opinions do NOT have any more validity than my own. It's bad enough that more often than not, an employer uses the workplace as a soapbox. In my case, my office has a door & I can & do close it when the need arises. But today? Coworkers loudly expressed their disdain - to put it mildly - of a political office holder. What was said was rude, nasty - and, when I finally couldn't stay quiet & said "not everyone feels as you do", I was told, again nastily, rudely, that I was wrong. The ol' "I'm smarter/better/whatever-er than you, so shut up" attitude. *sigh* There are days - and this is one, apparently - where I wish I worked in the middle of a cornfield ....



Told ya I started them .... Yep, these are the 2 ATC's I'm making for the cruise swap. Slowly, but surely, they're coming together. Whoo hoo!


Thanks, Wendy!

Last Thursday, I received my autographed copy of Wendy Vecchi's new book, Make Art, Studio 490 Style. It's an awesome book - great photos, lists of all materials, beautiful creations. Thank you, Wendy, for all you do for we who love your art!

I wanted to make Mom a birthday card, so of course, I turned to my new book. Decisions, decisions! T & I chose one & I went to work, creating it with what I had on hand. Her frame is from Maya Road, but I've not yet purchased any of their products, so I made my own, as well as my own circle & chipboard base. The rose is the one I made a month or so ago, again, following Wendy's instructions. I freehanded the stem & petals, the papers are Graphic45 (my favorite papers!).

And, guess what? I've finally begun making the zillion ATC's I want to have for the cruise! YES! I have 2 different ones & will share pictures once I get a few made. I got the backgrounds colored, the photo printed & inked today - and may get the lace cut yet tonight. I am SO glad I've finally gotten back into creating!


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today's my mom's 83rd birthday - Happy Birthday, Mom! I love this picture of us, from 1953, taken at the back steps to my grandparents' house. Things have changed a lot since then, but we're still "us". I couldn't ask for a more loving, fun, courageous mother - she's the best!


The past week & a half...

On August 13, my guy suffered a heart attack while we sat at home, watching tv, reading our respective books. Thank God it occurred while I was here, while I was awake - or, he'd be dead as it was a "v-tac" - one where the ventricles of the heart go haywire & more often than not, kill the person immediately. Thanks to T's stubbornness, the wonderful staff at our nearest hospital & the love & support of our friends & family, T survived! He had a heart cath on August 19, a defibrillator implanted on the 20th and was released to home on Friday. Last night, I think we both finally really rested & slept all night.

This picture shows were we lived, if we weren't in T's room in CCU. Looking at the picture now, I realize I was still shaking from it all, a week later. I hope none of you ever have our same experience. If you smoke, if someone you know smokes, stop NOW. Smoking didn't cause T's heart attacks (the doctors found earlier damage with the heart cath) - genetics caused T's more than anything - but his 30+ years of smoking didn't help anything.

Again - our extreme thanks go to all of the wonderful EMS squad and the hospital staff! They were, to a person, awesome! Thank you, too, to all of our friends & family who stood with us, minute by minute, as T suffered & survived!


A rose is a rose ...

Since Tim Holtz introduced GrungePaper to the market, lots of people have been having fun, coming up with new items to create with it. It's very flexible & almost impossible to tear. Once it's shaped, it holds that shape. Tim made a rose with it a month or two ago ... then many started figuring out how to make them. Wendy Vecchi came up with her own version, using one of her flower stamps to create the shape. Ahhhh.... I can do that, too! So, I followed her directions & made my own first rose! What fun! I think I'm going to put a pinback on it, so I can wear it ... but, who knows for sure? Those of us going on The Artful Voyage in October are all going to wear GrungePaper roses when we arrive in LA so we know one another - cool idea, huh?

Have you played with GrungePaper yet? You should, if you've not! If you have, please let me know - I'd love to see what you create!


Happy August!

Wow ... where did July go? I even missed my own blogiversary! My first blog was created on July 7, 2006 - I've been blogging for 3 years?!?!?! How did that happen? I was even going to have a giveaway to celebrate this year ... I'll work on that & get back to you.

A week ago, these woods along the Platte River brought us lots of laughter, love & good times. Today, T & I will be working in our gardens. A week of neglect & rain = lots of work to be done! The sun's shining wonderfully & the heat of the day's not arrived yet, so outside I go.


A bit of catching up...

A week ago, we took off for Michigan to visit our sons & their families in northern Michigan (ok, they're actually T's sons, but that makes them mine, too! lol). We had a GREAT time, relaxing, getting away from it all... The guys & our oldest granddaughter went canoeing one day while the rest of us (DIL, K, grandkids) went into Traverse City to shop & eat. I bought a few beads (yes, a FEW) at Nobbins - a nice bead store in TC - though I've not created anything with them yet. Our DIL bought beads & began a hemp/bead necklace for herself, as her pregnancy keeps her from wearing anything with nickle remotely in it. Now I want to play with macrame, too! ;-)

Anyway ... didn't do any crafting beyond making button bracelets for the grandgirls. So, of course, I'd begun having withdrawal issues. Tonight, I sat and finally made a tag for the "Christmas in July" contest in AllThingsTim. We were to pick one of his 2007 or 2008 Christmas tag techniques & make a non-Christmas version. My fingers are crossed that I win - I'd win an autographed (Tim, of course!) denim tote bag!

Now I'm off to harvest on FarmTown ... Facebook games are way too addicting!



Today's garden pictures, looking northeast, then southwest. The first shows our crookneck squash and miles (lol) of tomatoes. The second shows the potatoes, carrots, peppers & melons. MELONS are taking over everywhere!

I've canned 24 pints of beans & we've had dinner with freshly picked beans. I couldn't tell you how many zucchini we've shredded & frozen so far & they're still coming on. The cherry & grape tomatoes are going crazy & are super tasty!

And "my" sunflowers are growing beautifully! I planted our first packet - these blood red ones. Tom planted the second packet - about 4 plants are up, though not anywhere as far along as mine. Of course mine are better! (HA!)

Sometimes, I think I live & breathe Tim

I buy, I create ... shoot, today I ordered a Tim Holtz sweatshirt! Am I addicted or what? Ahhh...but it's all good!

I want to participate in the swap with my cruisemates in October, so I've begun making ATC's. I think I shared some earlier. Regardless, here are the latest ones I've made.

Will I get them ALL made???

Besides the cruise swap, I'm also participating in a grungepaper swap in AllThingsTim. We were to make 7 of whatever we chose from grungepaper. 6 will be distributed amongst the participants, 1 goes to Tim.
I wanted to do something different - not a flower or notepad cover. Not to take from any of those things - but I've seen what others create & mine would not have been unique at all - the others are super talented! My first idea was a "fortune teller" - remember the paper toys we made as kids? I made a prototype - and I still like it - but I'd still be making them, long after the swap deadline. After a few other ideas, I decided on a pinwheel. I am very pleased with them!

When accidents happen...

A week ago, 6 of us had tickets to see the stage play of "Mamma Mia". We met at one woman's house for an early lunch beforehand. As we left the house, one woman missed a step & fell, tearing the tendons in her ankle, badly. Her husband took her to the urgent care while we went on to the play. Of course the play was great, but we so missed our friend!

To commemorate & day & share our memories with our missing friend, 3 of us got together Saturday night & created this "memory collage" (it grew mightily from a card! *lol*) for her. What a great fun evening we had!


A week???

It's been a week since I've posted here? Wow ... I know it feels like I've been busy - guess I really have been! *lol* So, a quick update: I've canned 24 pints of green beans - beans harvested from our garden! They took longer than they should have as the first batch (Sunday) I apparently didn't set the lid/ring on the canner properly & about blew up 8 pint jars of beans. Didn't 'cause Tom smelled something burning ... yikes! I did get a few more ATC's made last weekend but haven't done any other "art" this week, yet. Durn! Yesterday, I had lunch with stitching friends Renee, Rita & Lauren (and Renee's 2 kids) at Cheesecake Factory at Easton. YUM! We always have such a wonderful time together - full of laughs & giggles - and yesterday was no exception. Thank you, ladies - I had a blast!

Pictures later ... maybe tonight. Maybe....


Fun times!

Well, the photos haven't gone on here in order, but ... it works ...

I survived my reunion! Actually, I had a blast! So, to go backwards...

Sunday, one of my classmates hosted a brunch for us at his home in an area of my childhood 'burb that I'd never visited. His home is incredible! Warm, comfortable ... with walls covered in all sorts of glorious artwork. It was a wonderful background to a relaxed gathering of about half of the Friday night group. Thank you, Mike!

I love the smiles these 3 have! Delia - the one on the left - joined us in high school, as her family moved into the US from Ireland. Linda - the one in the middle - has been a friend since 4th grade. She hesitated about going Sunday, but ended up having fun (as I knew she would!) after all. Debbie - the one on the right - has also been a friend since 4th grade. Hers was the first home I ever visited that had it's own in-ground pool - very cool! Debbie & I have found, as adults, we have a joint interest in jewelry making - fun times ahead for us!

Had to include a photo of my mom, of course! Linda (above) invited us to watch the parade at her daughter's home, on the parade route - wonderful seats! (Thanks, Linda & family!) The 4th was my dad's birthday ... I'm glad we could make it into a fun, memorable day again. (Dad always said the parades & fireworks were just for him ... yeah, sure ... lol)

Part of our high school's traditions is the reunion-ing years ride floats of some sort in the parade. I chose to watch this year, rather than ride/walk ... This shows part of our group.

This, finally, is from Friday night ... me with Linda, a friend since junior high. Hmmm...guess I need to copy some of the photos Debbie took that night - hers were much better.

Sunday, after the brunch, we visited with a friend who'd not attended any of the festivities. I'd not seen Penny since high school, I think ... I am very glad we went to see her & look forward to seeing her again soon. As one of our group said as we left & talked about going out to dinner as a group, soon: we are one another's histories. There is no reason to wait another 5 or 10 years to see one another again, especially when many of us live in this area still. So, we won't! At the very least, we're planning to have a joint 60th birthday party in 2 years ... bring it on!



I'm old enough that my 40th high school reunion dinner/party is tomorrow night. But that still just doesn't seem right ... 40 years since my high school graduation? Me??? How'd that happen?!?

I'm really looking forward to seeing so many of my classmates! Many of us live near one another, but as often happens, we lose touch with one another, then reconnect at a reunion. Of course, I had plans to lose more weight, work out, undergo some huge miraculous physical morph ... and we know how that worked out! *lol*

Last week, while I was in 1StopBeadShop, 2 strands of "crystals" caught my eye. I'd already bought 2 strands of another color combination to use with the big round beads (which had been made into a bracelet last fall but I wanted to re-do) but these second strands reminded me much more of the colors in the focal beads - so, of course I bought them. Over the last couple of evenings, I've made this ... and I'll wear it tomorrow night (and the earrings I made, I think).

Today, it's work, then a haircut/manicure/pedicure ... I am just going to look so good! ;o)


Thank you!

Hmm ... is her .gif working?

Well...regardless ... If not, she's supposed to be curtseying, so to set the "mood" ...

I'd like to do something I don't do often enough: say thanks to all of you who stop here .... and THANK YOU to all who leave comments! Earlier today I read a well-said blog post about the leaving of comments & remembering to thank those who do - a point made was if someone handed me a box of something, I'd say thank you. If someone complimented something about me or mine, I'd say thank you. Immediately. Yet, I rarely respond to comments left here ... no real reason, but I'd never considered it in this light. I will now try to do better because I very much appreciate the gift of you taking the time to say something to me here.

And, if I ever get to blog surf again (ok, we know I will, but I hope sooner rather than later!), I'm going to be better about leaving comments ... to remember my manners, to be more "polite" as I peruse the blogs I read.


Wonderful weekend!

How can it be Sunday afternoon already?!?!

Friday evening, I relaxed with 2 friends, poolside at one's home. We chilled with frozen strawberry daiquiris & my pesto with breadsticks. The sun was shining, the company was awesome .. a wonderful way to end the work week!

Saturday, I weeded our gardens ... and, yep, my muscles are still screaming! A cousin & I have vowed to get back to working out at the rec center - not a moment too soon. When I'd recovered a bit, I set to finishing a few charm bracelets.

This one's for Sandy, made with Blue Moon's "Tokens" charms & Tim Holtz's "Fragments" - and a washer. Hope she likes it!

This one is for me Tim Holtz's "Ideaology" pieces & his "Fragments". I have such a thing for base metals anymore!

This one, too, is for me (I'm so good to me! lol) - made with Blue Moon's "Tokens" & Tim's "Fragments".

Today, I attended my first "Meetup". Rhonda invited 9 of us to her home for a jewelry/beading meetup, hoping to get a monthly gathering going. Lisa & I were the only attendees today, but that's better than none, right? We chatted, got to know one another a bit, shared some ideas - especially with Lisa's beautiful Swarovski stash! - then we each got to working on our own pieces. I'm redoing my watch band, so I got started on it. Thank you, Rhonda, for bringing us together! I'm looking forward to next month already!

What fun things did you do and/or create this weekend?


A sale!

If you need supplies for altered art or ATC's or similar, AlteredArts is having an online yard sale that starts tomorrow ... My first order from them may arrive tomorrow - any bets that'll "enable" me to do more shopping??? (lol)

Artsy Online Yard Sale
Thurs. June 25 - Sat. June 27


Join us for our First ever Artsy Yard Sale.

We recently consolidated a couple warehouses and cleaned out our own personal stashes of great arts and crafts "stuff."

We will be listing numerous items never before posted on our site.
We will have only one or two of many of them, so check the sale often for new additions.
If we can combine your orders when we ship them, we will adjust/refund shipping.

The best thing is - everything will be at Yard Sale prices!


Early morning in the almost-country

See that in the middle of the soccer field? It's one of our neighborhood deer population...

We used to see our deer family most every morning & evening in the fields to the left of this one. Then the city ran a bike path through the far side of the soccer field, through the field's parking lot, along the tree line to the creek - where the deer used to congregate (along the tree line).

So imagine my surprise this morning when I pulled up to our stop sign & saw this beautiful creature standing on the other side of the road! I was delighted! Part of why we live where we do is we are almost-in-the-country, we're almost rural. The area used to be all rural & has slowly developed, but our village is not anxious to become strung up with traffic or well-known businesses (no Starbucks for us!), so we still have the pleasure of seeing a lot of "nature". This morning certainly reminded me of the glory around us...


Yea! Finally!

I've actually caught up a bit with journaling! After a month of nothing, I did!

My Blissfully Art Journaling Yahoo group posts daily prompts & I've finally done one! I've saved them practically every day with those good ol' good intentions ... but I finally completed one!

In the Journal Writing Yahoo group, a few members create monthly grids to at least record daily happenings, thoughts, whatever. I've talked & talked about starting the practice myself... Ha! I finally did it! It's nothing fancy, it was done quickly, but I did it! Yea, me! Now to maintain the focus... I will do it!

I was quite entertained this morning by our bunnies - and relieved to see they were more interested in sniffing & playing & not in nibbling our vegetables.

This reminds me, too, to prep more background pages. That helps so much!