Can't wait!

In the midst of the dreariness of Ohio winter (ok, the sun was shining today!) & the insanity of tax season (let's see...I worked 12 hours today), I'm sooooo looking forward to Elsie & Rachel's class!! Fortunately, we don't begin until mid-February, so after the brain has a second to rest after January 31, I've got to read the supply list & get my shit together (lol). (Can I do that? Get my shit together? Me???) Anyway - the class will be a hoot - or, to quote Elsie, it'll be "holy cute!".

I discovered a new paper source today, Graphics 45. What awesome looking papers! But - get this! - in the state of Ohio, there are maybe 5 stores listed on the site that carry the paper! FIVE! There are easily 6-8 different scrapbook stores in central Ohio & however many specialty paper stores ... and only five stores??? Oh - and none are here in central Ohio. Sheesh. Fortunately, Sandy's fav scrapbook store in Louisiana carries the line, so she's going to check it out for me. Yea! Thanks, girlie! In the meantime, I did some stash shopping at Artchix yesterday...yum!!!

And I've not forgotten about OHOW ... think I'll take tonight & make a bracelet to offer up. Think that'll work? It'll just be something fun...and I can make it while I watch the NHL all-stars play tonight. Yeah, that works...

See you tomorrow!


Sandy said...

I can't wait for Elsie and Rachel's class either. You're going to love it. :D So glad you signed up. I've got to get my shit together too. LOL

I'll be so glad when you're tax season is over so you can get some rest for your brain from all those numbers. I'd have such a headache by now. You're such a trooper. And patient too.

I've already talked to you about the paper last night. ;) Hope you had fun with the bracelet and the Hockey. Who won?

Pumpkin said...

So I see you have another project on the go! Looking forward to seeing what it will be :o)