Gratitude, revisited

A few days ago, I shared my word for 2009 ... "gratitude". Some days, it's a struggle to find something to be grateful for ... some way to change my perspective on something that's happening or being said. But, I do it and it is definitely helping my outlook. When I'm driving to work & some bozo's driving 10 miles under the speed limit, on the freeway, for some unknown reason, I now catch myself thinking "hmmm ... why am I supposed to be driving slower right now?" and I accept that unknown reason. Seems to be helping my blood pressure, if nothing else! ;0)

The last few days, a friend's had to deal with a very stressful situation. I've dealt with similar times myself & I wouldn't wish them on anyone. But, I suspect we've all been there, done that ... and wished similar wishes, felt similar heartache, similar frustration ... As I've thought about my friend's situation, I've realized something to be very grateful for: this friend & I have one another to laugh, cry, rejoice, bemoan with. Good, bad, weird, beautiful, frustrating, entertaining ... what a blessing it is to have someone to share the trust, the tears, the laughter with! How incredibly awesome it is to be able to be honest with another woman! What a gift I've been given ... to know I can say whatever, I can do whatever, I can be whatever ... and my friend will be here, right beside me ... as I will be for her. (Guess I should add a little disclaimer: my guy's THE best person in my life - well, next to my daughter *lol* but all women need at least one girlfriend - one true, blue girlfriend!)

I hope you have someone in your life like my friend ... If so, why don't you take a minute & share your gratitude for her/him, to her/him?


Pumpkin said...

That is definitely something to be grateful for and I'm sure she feels the same way :o)

Beth said...

Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am - just sent my friend an email thanking her for being.