OWOH [this post will stay on top until Feb 12]

I did it! I created a fun bracelet for One World One Heart! There's no closure on it yet because I want it to fit the winner, so, please, when you post that you'd like to be included in the drawing on February 11, please include your wrist size. I'll stop accepting entries at 9:00pm EST on February 11, 2009 & announce the recipient on February 12 - hopefully, by 8:00am EST. [It's tax season ... the land of best laid plans ... ]

Edit: If you're not an active blogger, please be sure to leave your email address here. I've already had one commenter who apparently has a blog, but her blog address doesn't show anywhere, even at following the link. :-(
As for your wrist size ... how about if we just wait until I choose a recipient? Then I can tell you how I'd measure ...

Update: 6:51pm Feb 11
We're in the midst of horrible storms-i'm posting this edit from my phone. If I can't get online tonight because of the weather, I WILL choose a name tomorrow (hopefully I'll have internet service) & update here immediately. Please bear with me! And please, stay safe wherever you are!

To read more about Lisa's OWOH event, read here. I hope to meet many new bloggers through OWOH - both those I visit & those who visit me. The worldwide community of bloggers is just incredible!

Thank you to all who are leaving comments! I'm having such fun visiting you in return!

Thank you, Michele, for the guidelines for making this post stay at the top!


Pumpkin said...

What a neat idea Nancy!

Digital Misfit said...

That button bracelet is so fun! Love it!
Pop by my blog for a visit and enter my OWOH giveaway too! http://myhidingplaceincyberspace.blogspot.com

Karen South said...

Oh wow! I love anything made with buttons!


WendyCarole said...

That is so nice I love buttons

Sue said...

Love buttons and this bracelet would be so much fun to wear! Please include me in your OWOH giveaway draw!



lusaro said...

I was just hopping from one blog to another. And so I discovered OWOH!! Great, sharing creativity all over the world!! And so... I created my own blog this week...for all of you!!

You have a lovely, colourful bracelet to give away!! 18cm (7 inch) will fit perfectly :)!!

Someone, somewhere.. will be very happy with it... I can only dream it's me :)!!

Greetings from Belgium,



Kath K said...

very cute.. love anything with buttons..lol fun blog.. have bookmarked it.. will be back..
thanks.. please add my name..

Patti G. said...

Nancy, your button bracelet is so clever and fun! Please count me in and come see my blog give away too! Hugs,Patti

carylsrealm said...

Oooo! I'd love to be included, but don't know how to measure my wrist? Help? Please include moi! And stop on by my OWOH!

Carol said...

Too cute! Please count me in as I adore the bracelet! Carol :)

Deci said...

That is so fun and creative! My wrist is very small (under 7") but they can flop around a bit. Please enter my OWOH at #500. Thank you.

Reeva said...

Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I'm chosen as the lucky winner!!!

I'm having so much fun making friends and bloghopping again this year.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Love this! My wrist size at the bone is 6.5". Not sure if that is where to measure! I would love to enter and please stop by my blog and enter as well!
chris p

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love buttons!! Please enter me...m.

Sherry Goodloe said...

LOVE buttons, and your bracelet is so fun!! My wrist measurement is 7- 1/4".

Please enter my name for your OWOH giveaway prize. And when you get a moment, please stop by and enter my giveaway as well. I'm #73 GOT ART?

s hyler said...

7" what a wonderful idea, it is so nice to meet you through this event,
Have a wonderful day,

craftyhala said...

Button, button, look at the buttons!

Lavender Dreamer said...

I was just getting ready to RUN and measure! heehee! Love the bracelet ...would LOVE to win! Please enter me and visit my blog to enter!


Melanie said...

beautiful!thanks for such a generous giveaway,love your blog :)
mel xx


AmandaSue said...

How neat, I've never seen a bracelet made out of buttons! Thanks for entering me.
unforgetable_dreamer_always AT hotmail DOT com

trish said...


Jenna Z said...

What a colorful bracelet!! Love it!

BluGinhm said...

The bracelet is wonderful! Thanks for joining in the give-away - please count me in!
jrrader at kent dot edu

Debra said...

So very sweet please add me for the drawing!


Joanne Huffman said...

I'd love to win this fun bracelet. Please enter me in your drawing. And, I invite you to visit my blog http://joannethiemehuffman.typepad.com
and enter mine.
~ Joanne

jojoebi said...

that is so cute!
Please add me to our draw and then pop over to mine

Tamerie Shriver said...

I love buttons and bracelets so please add my name to your drawing. And stop by #272 for my giveaway.


ladybug said...

Very cute bracelet! Please enter my name in your draw and when you have a moment come over to visit by blog as well.


(#94 on Lisa's List)

Snap said...

I love the bracelet -- all those different colored buttons. Too much fun! Please add my name to the hat. Nice meeting you!

Sara said...

cute, cute, cute!

Please enter me in your drawing and drop by mine #405 on the list

Tammy said...

Hello there. It is so nice to meet you. My daughter loves these button bracelets. She's a teenager.
Please include me in your drawing and come see my OWOH giveaway too, if you haven't already.

Heidi Jo said...

What a fun bracelet! Please count me in!

Teresa said...

This bracelet is adorable. Wish I had thought of it.
TRigell at aol dot com

Tina- said...

how pretty. would love to be entered in the drawing. thanks for the opportunity. please stop by and visit my blog too when you get a chance.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I love buttons!
(I'm also part of OWOH!)

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Buttons, buttons, where are the buttons? HERE on this beautiful bracelet!! Please enter my name in your drawing. I'm not having a giveaway (yet), but I'd love to meet you. Come on over and say Hi if you get a chance.
Patricia :o)

Bibi said...

What a cute idea for a bracelet! Please enter me in the draw, and if you haven't yet, please hop over to www.bibscrap.blogspot.com where I'm also putting together my first ever giveaway! You can contact me by commenting on my blog if I'm so lucky as to win :)

JennTRC said...

i love button bracelets!!

please enter me and feel free to enter my giveaway, i'm 486.

Whimsical Creations said...

Very pretty!! Thank you for the chance to win.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

thismuseofmine said...

This is so fun- bright and cheerful- just perfect for Spring. Please include me in the drawing. Thanks- Letha
I am also #553 of the OWOH project.
or you could see my blog at http://thismuseofmine.blogspot.com

Laume said...

I love the whimsy of your bracelet. I'm in for a win - knock on wood!

valerie2350 said...

cute - fabulous giveaway - please enter me :)

daffy said...

really unusual bracelet
i like it
please add me to your drawing
if you get the chance drop by mine at
carolyn h

Beth said...

Cool bracelet,,please enter me in your drawing and make sure to stop by my place and enter!

Connie said...

cute bracelet! Please enter me in your drawing, and come enter me in mine!
connie williams

stephjacobson said...

What a pretty bracelet--I love buttons! I'm also participating in OWOH (#561), so stop by my blog if you get a chance.

PattiV said...

What a Wonderful giveaway! I'd love to be entered into your drawing and please stop by and enter mine.

Nancy said...

What a fun giveaway! Your bracelet is so cute. I also like your name -LOL! Over the years, I have liked every other Nancy that I have met!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


this is neat- love it!

Regina said...

oh that is super cute..thanks for the chance

divaqueenie said...

Super cute Nancy! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

sewfunky said...

Ohhhh! Buttons, my favourite thing in the world!

Please enter me in the draw, and don't forget to head on over to my blog to enter into my OWOH giveaway (#144 on the gypsy caravan!)

Lisa said...

Wonderful! Please enter my name. I am also participating in OWOH and would love for you to stop by #223. :-)

Brenda said...

That is one fun and funky bracelet. Please enter me into your draw (#574)

uniquecommodities said...

Count me in! Feel free to enter my OWOH give away as well!

I am #319 on the main blog!


Life on an Artistic Shoestring said...

Crazy about buttons! I'd love to win this, so count me in!

Designed by K said...

Oh how sweet!! I loved playing in my grandmother's button jar when I was small..and the colors on this one are so "80s" sytlish..which wonderful, it reminds me of wearing all those cool things when I was a teenager! Please enter me into your drawing, feel free to visit me too and enter mine :)..Hugs, K

"Hands to Work, Hearts to God" said...

Hi! I’m visiting from the Philippines. What a cute piece, so colorful-Wish I win! I’m going to look around your blog now! If you haven't already, come play at my blog too!

Kat C. said...

What a cool idea for a bracelet =)


Leni said...

very nice

Leni said...

very nice :)

Jodi said...

What a fun bracelet! I would be thrilled to win this. Thanks for the chance.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Button! Button! Who's got the Button? Me, I hope! Please add my name to your drawing! Then come on over and enter my OWOH Giveaway too! I’d love to see you there.

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

Well, that's a bracelet for a quilter! Please include me in your drawing.
I am also participating in this wonderful event! http://quiltmoose.blogspot.com/
Please stop by if you haven't already.

Greetings from Germany,

Kathy said...

I love your button bracelet! Please come see me too. Kathy

Carol said...

Love your bracelet ~ add my name and come visit my giveaway at http://artmusedog.blogspot.com

#448 on OWOH
Thanks ~

donnaj said...

love this!
count me in~

The Whimsical Goblin said...

Love all the colors and out of buttons too, how fun.

wrist size? around 7"

Leaonna said...

Oh I just LOVE this....I have seen a lot of Awesome Ideas on this Caravan and I LOVE what you did with these buttons...Please pick me...teehee

SpiritMama said...

What a cute bracelet!
Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!

Waxela (wa-shay-la)

Trayna said...

Simply stunning - there are so many creative generous people!
I would love a chance of winning this bracelet please.

terriavidreader said...

How fun, and now if I just had earrings to match! Enter me please, terriavidreader@yahoo.com

Great-Granny Grandma said...

That is a fun looking bracelt, and so colorful too. Would love to be the lucky winner. :-) Please count me in.

Dschrader said...

Please enter me in your drawing!
Donna K Schrader

onscreen said...

Please enter me into the draw and don't forget to head on over to my OWOH giveaway to enter mine...


Joy said...

It's adorable!

Please add my name to your drawing. :o)


Stacey said...

So stinkin cute...count me in!

Mimi said...

Wonderful! Please enter me in your drawing.

Stop by & enter mine, too. I'm #640.

Have a wonderful night!


Angie said...

how friggin cute!!! please enter me!!

Vicki Priebe said...

Great bracelet. Please enter me in your giveaway. Be sure to enter my giveaway (#357) as well. Thank you from Alaska.
~Vicki Priebe
Wish Grantor

Lisa said...

Hi Nancy! You or I must be psychic, I was just getting ready to pop over to see what you were up to when I noticed you had left a note on abeadaday, that's cool! So, I can't believe this button bracelet. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I would really like to feature this as a "this week's bracelet" on abeadaday sometime. Let me know what you think. I am also taken by the one world one heart concept. I was not aware of that and now need to take a look into it. I am a HUGE Bob Marley fan and this reminds me of "one love". Be safe tomorrow and let me know if you end up crafting! I'll be hanging out with the dogs tomorrow. Take care! Lisa C.

littlescrapsofmagic said...

I love the colors...so bright and funky!!!

The Rose Room said...

Wonderful giveaway! Its nice to meet you, if you haven't already, come by and visit me, I have a giveaway also! Rachael at roseroom@slingshot.co.nz

WendyP said...

your bracelet is awesome - thanks for sharing it with the world
smiles Wendy
hope you will drop by my blog too

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is so clever. Love all the buttons on the bracelet.

Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway also.

hfsolutions at juno dot com


Anonymous said...

Whata sweet bracelet you have made.


Janet said...

I love the bracelet! Please add my name to your list, and if you haven't already, stop by my blog and enter my giveaway.

Donna said...

I love it! Thanks for the chance to win! southerner@aol.com

Baba said...

Buttons make such charming bracelets! I love this one! Thank you so much for the chance!

robin westenhiser said...

awesome! thanks, robin

Shelley said...

Button bracelets are on the rise! What was trendy 40 years ago is back again. Love the bright colors. THanks for participating.

Bella Modiste said...

Please count me in! And don't forget to sign up for mine!
~The Bella Modiste

Fran Saperstein said...

LOVE the bracelet! Drop by and enter my drawing too


Sandy said...

I'd love to enter. You're bracelets are beautiful.

polinka said...

AWESOME!! Stop by my blog to join my giveaway too ;)

Amanda said...

Sign me up this bracelet is too cute!

Franny said...

I love your unique idea using buttons!

I would jump for joy to win something the day after my 20th anniversary!

I have never been to this event before so after seeing so many presents, I became a participant!

I am so amazed at the generosity. I am particularly moved by some of the comments that are so heartfelt.

This has really inspired me to be more creative and to blog more. I have enjoyed meeting you and getting in touch with your blog.

Come and visit me on Picklebeans!

Anonymous said...

Button, button, who gets the button?
love buttons


Ann said...

Oh, how fun is that?! What a great giveaway! Please enter me, and if you haven't already, stop by to enter mine, too (#71). ;)

cox_cchs AT hotmail DOT com

SuseADoodle said...

Enter me in your drawing -- PLEASE! :-)

Have a Great OWOH Blog-Hop!

"Suse Bee"

Jenn Klee said...

This is so sweet! Drop by my blog for my giveaway ;)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Hello ~ I would Love the chance to be the lucky winner of your lovely button bracelet!

Thank you!

You can find me at OWOH#122

Anonymous said...

What a great bracelet...and I have some buttons in my stash that would make cute matching earrings!

And thanks for keeping in mind that not all of us are one-size-fits-all.

Thanks for participating in OWOH!!


Rusted Wings said...

Sweet offering!
Please enter me in and come by and check out our new blog #479, Rusted Wings!!

RedPanties said...

WOW! Amazing giveaway, I would LOVE to win! Be sure to visit my own giveaway at #449 for the OWOH


Amy said...

Very fun bracelet!

Diana said...

Oh, the bracelet is darling! Please enter my name to be picked in your giveaway. Stop by and visit my giveaway when you have time if you haven’t done so yet.

Heather said...

How fun! I love the buttons!
OWOH # 458


Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

I’d love to be entered into your “One World – One Heart” giveaway…

I’m also participating in OWOH, so feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win some goodies from me as well.


dreameyce said...

Adorable! Thanks for offering this! The winner will be VERY lucky!

I'm giving away an otter pin for OWOH, feel free to enter! :)

My blog is http://www.dreameyce.com/blog

AngieHallHaviland said...

What a FUN event this is….making friends through ART is always WONDERFUL!! Please enter me in your drawing!!

Be sure to stop by my blog :O)

~*~Pandora's Artbox~*~ said...

Fun bracelet!! Please add my name to your drawing and if you haven't visited yet, make sure to stop at my blog on your journey. I'm having a OWOH giveaway as well. Thanks!

Made by Melissa said...

How cute! I love it!

Please stop my blog and enter my OWOH giveaway too: http://madebymelissa.blogspot.com/2009/01/one-world-one-heart-giveaway.html

Renee said...

what a fun bracelet. Renee

PawsN2Stamp said...

Hi from Oregon,

Adorable bracelet!!!

Please sign me up for your giveaway!!!
And, if you haven't yet stopped by mine, please do!


BurningRubber said...

Awsome!Please enter me in your giveaway :)

altermyworld said...


lovely, pls add me


Anonymous said...

lovely bracelet! please add my anme to your list.

Sabina hgsv49@yahoo.ca

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
What a beautiful bracelet! Please add my name.

Kathy said...

I LOVE buttons! I really want a button bracelet!!!!!

I love it!!!! I want to win it!!!!!!

I would love to enter (and hopefully win) your drawing!
Please drop by my blogs if you get the chance:


Carole said...

I love this bracelet. Fantastic colors!

If I should be lucky enough to win I generally wear 7" length.

I'm part of OWOH as well, so if you get a chance please visit my blog.


One Creative Queen said...

Wow! This is an adorable bracelet - I love it!

Please enter me - I would be thrilled to wear this. :)

Please drop by and enter my giveaway as well - it isn't associated with OWOH, but it's still a fun monthly giveaway. http://bit.ly/lriz

queenkatherine {at}gmaildotcom

Parson's Daughter Studio said...

Love this! Please enter me.


Sadie said...

Oh please enter me, and if you cvould make sure I win, that would be great! LOL
Sadie x

Bee said...

OWOH is a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and get new ideas. Please add me to your draw and why not pop over to my blog and join in mine. It's at http://nannabeeshive.blogspot.com/ and I look forward to seeing you there.


MissKoolAid said...

What a colourful bracelet! Would look good with my new button keychains! Would love a chance to win.
Sophie in Montreal, Canada

Liv said...

Hi there! Nice to "meet" you!! :)
That is a cool bracelet!!! I love the different colours you used...it's sure to go with everything in the wardrobe!! :)
Please enter my name in the drawing for this fantastic piece! :)
Thank you so much!! :)
All the best,

gloomy_liv AT yahoo DOT com DOT au

Latharia said...

What a fun & funky bracelet! Please do enter me in your drawing. If I am so lucky as to win, please contact me at latharia{at}comcast{dot}net! In the meantime, please come over to the giveaway on my blog and enter there, too!

KKJD1 said...

How cute! Please include me in your giveaway. Thanks Karen

Mari said...

Please enter me in your drawing, thank you!


marilavado at hotmail.com


martha brown said...

I love your button bracelet -- so cheery and colourful! Please enter me into your draw -- thank you so much!! I'm off now to have a look around your blog some more!

Alisa said...

I love it! bright and cheerful. Please include my name in your very generous give-away. Thank you.

Melinda Cornish said...

i love this bracelet...buttons are fabulous! Please include me and come visit my giveaway too!

Lilly said...

I love this bracelet. It's so cool! Please count me in.

malleycc said...

WOW cute button bracelet. I love it . I would love to win. Thanks

Sarahlé said...

Wow how creative! How colorful! Your bracelet looks so GREAT! Please count me in, I would be delighted to wear it :)
Many thanks to you, have a nice day


Christine said...

Buttons are one of my favorite things. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Thanks for participating in OWOH. It's so much fun seeing all of the blogs.

Christine from Idaho!!!

J and Z said...

wonderful!! please count me in!!

jean (OWOH #889)


Beckie Holso said...

Too cute! Please include me in your drawing =) OWOH #433

Kimberly Hellams said...

I love your giveaway. Please include me in your drawing.


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Oh how pretty and so very colorful. Thank you for participating in the wonderful giveaway. Please enter my name into your drawing. It would be such a delight and honor to win. Jody

Banna said...

Please enter me and do run over and enter mine.

Melissa said...

Thank you for the great giveaway & the chance to win!

:) Melissa

Jodz said...

Yey! Its gorgeous. Please count me in :)

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

I would love to win one of your bracelets. My wrist size is 6". Your site is so beautiful. I would love to win your prize. After this is all over I’m going to spend more time viewing every ones. Please stop at my site too. I’m giving away my new book “16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood.” I will personally sign it for you.


Barbara #830

Alex said...

AWESOME!!! I don't know what a wrist size is, but mine measures 7 inches around. :)

Lisa said...

Great giveaway!! Please enter me! :)Lisa

Mo from Unmainstream Mom Reads said...

Button bracelets are so fun! Thanks for the chance to win.

hippiedog said...

How how cute is this! Please count me in. Stop on over if you get a chance #716. :)

Chris in Oz said...


WOW, this is a wonderful event!!! I'm from Oz the Land Down-Under. It's very nice to 'meet' you. I'm in for my second year and I'm sure I'll be back for more. Oh, I'd love to be entered for your give-away and if you haven't dropped by my blog yet, then please do, I'm #838 in the Gypsy Caravan.



Vicki Page said...

Your button bracelet is very clever and how colorful great spring colors. Vicki Page the pages at charter dot net

*Birgit* said...

What a funky bracelet! :)

Greetings from Munich,
# 756 on the caravan :)

rita barriga said...

Please count me in. I love button.


Inkqueen said...

Your button bracelet is wonderul. Please count me in.

Elizabeth said...

Love your cute button bracelet!

Jax said...

Great bracelet, my wrist size is 8 inches. Please count me in and if you haven't already, stop by my blog to enter my giveaway. I am #321

Kim said...

Love the bracelet! Please enter me in your great giveaway - Thank you!


"Stampgram" said...

My teenage granddaughter would love this giveaway. Please enter me.

If you have a moment, hop over to stampgram.blogspot.com and enter my giveaway too. I am #563.

Cowgirltazz said...

What a neat bracelet. I would love to have it! Please enter me in your drawing and come by mine at #857 if you haven't had a chance yet. Thanks.

quiltcrazygal said...

I hope I am the lucky winner:) Stop by my blog and enter my giveaway if you can:) Blessings, Jenna Louise, #829

caren said...

What an adorable bracelet. It is so unique. Please enter my name and then come on over and visit my giveaway.

A Beaded Affair said...

Wonderful give away. Please enter me in your drawing and visit my blog at #795 if you haven't already.

Art of Jana said...

I have some really cool old buttons. I'd love to hold yours to see if my mom could figure out the pattern! ;) I just can't seem to get the hang of it! Please enter me in your giveaway and if you haven't entered mine, please come on by!


(#905 - OWOH ) Jana

P.S. I'll be back soon...So many giveaways - so little time! :) and I want to make it to each before it's over! :)

Carla said...

add me in:)

Corinna Nitschmann said...

That's funny and I like the springtime colors. Please count me too. You could send your giveaway to Hungary.

Corinna with the felted vessels
PS.: You can go for my giveaway at Nr.802.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

A really cute idea!

daytoncat said...

What a great use of buttons! So colorful! Fun! thanks for the chance to win!


Paisley Girl said...


Paisley Girl said...

Hi, nice to "meet" you. I'd love to be entered into the drawing for your amazing giveaway. I'm off to pop around your blog a little more. Once again, lovely to "meet" you. :-)


Margo :-) said...

What a wonderful giveaway!!
Thank you!! :-)


Jackie said...

Oh...I love this button bracelet! What a clever idea! Thanks so much for participating in this wonderful giveaway!

The Kelly Family said...

Please include me in your drawing! Thank you for letting me take part of OWOH... I have just really started crafting when my husband joined the army in November so it keeps me busy I love to see all these great creations and ideas people have!

Please check out my OWOH #800 Monica's Crafts

Thanks Monica Kelly

Rayna said...

Aww a button bracelet Super cute! Add my name to the hat please :) innocently.forgotten1 (at) gmail.com

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

I love your giveaway.Your blog is so beautiful. I am so excited to find it! This OWOH event is totally awesome! Thank you for participating and I look forward to visiting again! If you want I have just jumped in and started a blog but didn’t finish in time for the event. Darn it. SO next year for sure!

Sharris145 at roadrunner dot com

Marianne said...

Hello from Utah!
What a cute bracelet you are giving away! I also have a giveaway if you would like to visit my blog!
Have a great day!

faerie enchantment said...

I love the background of your blog, its gorgeous.
Thank you for stopping by my giveaway, please enter me in your amazing one as well!

Much Magic and Joy!

Pamela said...

so stinking cute!

Anji Gallanos said...

Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. Glad I made it to your blog. I am also hosting a giveaway...stop on by