Snow anyone?

We took K back to college today ... it's now way too quiet here!

We have just a dusting of snow here, but there was more, the further north we drove. We're all to get more this week, as well as very cold temps. Oh, that's right ... it's winter!

Have you ever read "Where's Waldo?"? Well, here he (it) is! ;o)

Just loved this - the sun struggling behind the snow clouds...

See the snowflakes flying around?

What else do you do on a 2 hour drive? Yep, take pictures of one another ...

The snow-covered trees were just beautiful!


Beth said...

I love your snow pictures - we don't see very much of that stuff here.


Pumpkin said...

I can send you some more snow and cold weather if you want ;o)

Sandy said...

Wow! That's just so pretty. Our snow only lasted that one day and it was indeed a miracle.

Isn't our weather just wierd in all the areas of the U.S.? You're in snow today, yesterday we were at 85 degrees. LOL At least it was cold today.

So glad you had a safe trip and K is back and getting settled.

Stay warm.

WendyCarole said...

Snow looks lovely