Sunny morning

While out doing errands this morning, I came home one of our country roads. It cuts through a couple of plant nurseries, crosses the remains of the Ohio/Erie canal ... and is only a couple of miles from home.

Taking this drive was my daily affirmation of gratitude ... I am blessed to not live in the middle of a large city & can still see, touch & smell the 'country' life. I may not live there as deeply as I'd like - yet - but I am close.

Last night, as we watched CBJ beat the Avs (SOOOO awesome!) I made a gift for a friend. Of course, I can't show it here 'cause then it wouldn't be a surprise! But I can & will say here that I am more than grateful for the friendships I'm blessed with. We all have people who come into our lives for that season, then move on ... even those I am, of course, grateful for. But those who stick through it all with you are the truest blessings. What an awesome gift we're given when we have that friend (or friends) who share the good, the bad & the ugly with you and don't step out of your life. To those who recognize themselves in that group ... I cannot begin to express my gratitude & love for you. To those who've come into my life, then moved on ... I thank you, too. Your part in my life helped me be me.


Sandy said...

What a pretty picture. I bet the drive was gorgeous.

I agree that we all have friendships of seasons and we all touch each other's lives for a reason. I just wish others could understand that. I'm very happy to call you my friend.

Mary said...


The photo is gorgeous. I do live in the city, but in an area that is surrounded by green space. For that I am grateful. Having been brought up in the country, the city will never be the place where my heart is, but this is close.

Friendship is one of the most precious gifts on earth. There is a time and a season for everything.

Enjoyed my visit. Drop by when you can.


Beth said...

Finally found you again! Now you are bookmarked. I always enjoy my time reading your thoughts. I don't seem to ever think that deep, but your thoughts always give time to pause....

I read the article about the word for the year instead of resolutions, and that sounded brilliant. Thanks for directing me there!

Hope all is well with your family.


Pumpkin said...

Beautiful picture Nancy.

To me, friends come in different forms and in different times in our lives. I know we have never met but I'm very honored that you are my friend :o)