traffic feed

I'd put off adding that 'traffic feed' for a long time & as you can see, finally have. ;o) It truly is fun seeing where people are, as they look at my blog! I've always looked at others' blogs with the feed - reminds me of how worldwide the 'net is. *lol*

So ... if you're visiting, how about leaving a comment too from time to time? I realize some are just surfing through, but especially if you're a returning customer (lol) I'd like to hear how you're doing, what you're doing ... 'K?


Sandy said...

Hi, I'm Sandy.....LOL

I love the Live Feed too. Isn't it amazing how many people visit your blog everyday? I follow so many myself and it does make life interesting.....

Sherry said...

I've finally (as of Saturday) added a traffic feed of sorts to my site. What has me puzzled, though, is that I show up on other bloggers' traffic feeds as "United States" rather than with my home town or home state. I can't figure how to change that.
Anyway, enjoyed my visit to your site.