Wonderful day!

Today at work was less than wonderful, except that it's January 30th & ALL of my payroll returns are DONE!! Time to celebrate! I still have some Saturdays to work to catch up all that sits while I focus on payroll returns, but the deadline's met, everyone has their W-2's, so I can breathe.

My daughter decided she had to come home this weekend ... she missed us all. Funny - she's out with friends tonight! *lol* Last weekend, she did a bit of mall browsing with friends & bought me this awesome "peace" scarf!!

Sandy enabled me at TresWishes ... I had to get myself one of these bracelets! It's chunky, a different color ... yep, fits me to a "t".

This fun print is a gift from Sandy to Kelli. We're a "Stars" family so it fits here quite well. Thanks, Sandy!

This beautiful creation is by Lily's Etsy shop and is a gift from Sandy. I absolutely love the image, but I adore the words!! I want to hang it everywhere! Again - thank you, Sandy!


Pumpkin said...

Looks like a fun day with lots of goodies :o)

Sandy said...

You're welcome. I'm glad you like it. I love Jeane's jewelry. It's so great isn't it?

I LOVE that Peace scarf, Kelli did good. :) Glad she's home.