Ok, the pictures did not post in the order I wanted! Sheesh! So, I'll postpone the "progress" report until further down this post...

This bracelet is what I won during OWOH, from Mikki. And I'll have to come back & post the link to her blog 'cause it's over there & I'm here. Thank you, Mikki! I wore the bracelet yesterday & received many compliments on it - and the cute magnet is on my desk's overhead. The whole package was sweet - especially the little lollipop! :o)

I liked my gift of a LilyMoon print from Sandy that I made my own purchase from LilyMoon's Etsy shop! I apologize for the less-than-stellar photo - trust me, the tile is wicked cool! I love the buttons she includes in her packages - yep, this one's going on my jacket!

Had to run an errand in the Village today ... love our brick streets, especially this one with it's trolley tracks still in tact.

And, finally, to "progress" ....

This 1977 J10 (Jeep) was FINALLY released from the shop today!! It's been living there for 3 months (I say 4, he says 3), having most everything under the hood restored/replaced. Like the "rust red" outer finish? *lol* The bed's almost totally shot, but as T keeps reminding me, it's removed easily from the rest of the body - something he can easily do. It runs!! Last fall, T's 28 year old CJ (Jeep) died & sits out front (I'm sure our neighbors love us), since T decided getting the J10 up & running was the better choice. We're finally back to having our own vehicles ... yeah, not very 'green' but with our diverse schedules, we've been doing some real juggling to get everyone where they need to be.




Hot cross buns,
One a penny buns,
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot cross buns.

It's Lent ... which, at least in our house, also means it's hot cross bun time. We've bought ours at Resch's Bakery* for as long as I can remember. We've tried them from other bakeries & grocery stores ... and Resch's are just the best. My mom likes these so much she buys enough to freeze some for after Lent!

Do you have any Lenten traditions? Many of us give something up for the 6 weeks of Lent ... I remember the struggle it was as a kid to decide what I was willing to part with for 6 whole weeks!

* In looking Resch's up online, I stumbled across an awesome Flickr site - Vannah Von Sally's - awesome photos of "local" landmarks & such! In the few minutes I've browsed this morning, she's stirred up a lot of memories. Can't wait to browse more & grab some of her photos for my journals!


just a bit ..

of catching up, while on my lunch time ...

our home computer is almost all better! then i'll be able to upload pictures & do all kinds of things i truly miss... but i'm grateful t's able to do all he can with our computer 'cause it sure isn't anything i want to learn. (lol)

i sat last night & finished 4 pages for apad ... more to do by this weekend so i can be caught up, since march 1 is on sunday! how did it get here so fast? but, i have my second low impact aerobics class tonight. will i be able to move afterwards? it feels good to become aware once again of long-unused muscles - ok, psychologically, it feels good. literally, ouch!! but i'm going to persevere ... i'mgoingtoi'mgoingtoi'mgoingto ...

do you do any altered art? of any sort? may i pick your brain? ;o) yeah, i'm wanting to expand my horizons & am so enamored with tim holtz & others like him. i'm going to make my first real purchases of grungeboard (for my next apad journal) & alcohol inks & whatever i can find this weekend. may have to make a trip to one of my fav bead stores, too, since i've just realized they carry the chain & such i'm wanting to look at ... ok, i can't do everything at once, right? *hands on hips* well, why not??? but, anyway - any suggestions for places and/or supplies? i've got my journal pretty much planned in my head but if you've experience with grungeboard & the inks (alcohol or distress) or glimmer mists or whatever - share, please? i'm feeling like an empty sponge here - ready to soak it all up, so i can squeegy it all back out onto paper & metals & fragments andandand.... (how's that for an image??? *lol*)


A bit of updating

Well, for whatever reason, I can't upload pictures into my Flickr from the laptop ... so, here's what I can do:

for my APAD group...

again, for APAD ..

my teepees for Elsie & Rachel's class...

again, for APAD

and my former paint "palette" and the dream box (behind the paint) is from Sandy ... isn't it awesome?? I'll get a better picture, promise!


It's such a nice quiet Saturday morning here ... I actually have paints on my 'palette' (an old plastic plate), my APAD journal sitting here open. Yep, I'm creating today! YEA!

I got one teepee made last night for my RedVelvet class & the stitching done on the back of my picnic blanket (again, RedVelvet class). (Since T's still slaving away at fixing the main computer, I'm going to try to upload pictures later today on the laptop *fingers crossed*) I'm trying to keep a focus today - APAD journal first, then sew my blanket together & finish it's stitching, then tonight as we watch CBJ beat Anaheim, I'll make more teepees. They are so darn cute!

BUT I've only collected things for Kara's class ... and I want to play there, too! Yep, I've followed Sandy to another class! She finds the coolest people & places - and remember the cliche about imitation & flattery. *lol*

All of that brings us back to "time". As my blog title says, there's never enough of it & I know I'll never live long enough to do all I want to do, to see all I want to see - but how can I have more time now? If you have a magic wand or a secret answer to finding more time, please share it with me! If not, if you're as frustrated as I am, maybe we need to start a support group or something? *lol*

Sitting here typing isn't getting my pages done, so ... off to it I'll be.



I was glancing at a headliner on AOL's home page about the top 10 movies everyone should own. Yep, we own most of them ...

But this one .... THIS ONE! ... is one of my all-time absolutely favorite movies. Yeah, Harrison was cute in Star Wars, but in Witness? OOOOOOooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... yeah. Just, yeah.


Is anyone else confused?

Boy, if that's not a loaded question ... Haha!

Seriously, though ... I'm having a major problem with what day of the month it is, this month of February. I asked Sandy this morning if she'd signed up for Kelly's March class yet, thinking it's already Wednesday! As in, we only have until Friday!

Well, that would be true if today were February 25 ... but, it's not. It's only the 18th. I've had similar confusion in many parts of my life lately ... why? Sandy offered that maybe it's because February is a short month .. but, it still has 20 work days in it, etc etc Does this mean I need a vacation? ;-)

Whatever "it" is, I sure hope you're not as confused as me ...

p.s. Thank you for the comments on last night's post. I very much appreciate them all!
I've had another thought about letting go ... I think we've all dealt with it, in some form or another. Divorce. Death. Moving. It's never easy ... and I know I'm one to try to hang on til the (often) bitter end. *sigh* Maybe it's time for ME to grow up? *lol*
Again, thank you ...


checking in...

here i sit .. still on the laptop at home. doing almost nothing "crafty" ... *sigh* well, i did launder some muslin for a secret little project. maybe tomorrow i'll play with it. i have done a few 'personal' pages in a journal, working through letting go with my daughter.

do you have children? have they left home in whatever manner? my girl's almost 19, is in her 7th month away at college ... and it's just now really hitting me that she's not 5 years old anymore. nothing bad is happening ... she's just growing up & i'm just not ready. i know .. i can't stop it & she's a wonderful young woman. i know we can trust her, i know she's pretty darn smart about a lot of things ... but can't we go back to "then"?

through all of this, i'm realizing i'm still working on reclaiming me. finding me, still. do i want to do this or that or those? that resolution i made a year ago to give myself a year "off" is sort of haunting me. realistically, it's not a bad thing, any of it. a bit disconcerting at times, i guess. is this just me frustrated 'cause i can't sit at our worktable & play? i want to do & am not able to do ... all in good time, right?

oh! i did go to a land aerobics class last night. haven't heard of it? i think it's fairly new. it's aerobics aimed at people with arthritis or other limiting issues. my mom has arthritis of many sorts & needs to move more, so, off we went to class. it felt good to do something physical - it's been way too many years since i've been in an aerobics class. next week, i'm going to the low impact aerobics class ... will i survive? *lol*


Happy Valentine's Day!

Yeah, it's 5:30pm & I'm just now wishing you a Happy VD! (lol... my guy loves saying that!) See, our main computer is on the fritz ... and T's been working for days to fix it ... and he's still playing, I mean, working on it. In the meantime, I can use our laptop - which is slower than molasses - or my Blackberry (aren't I special?) - all of which comes down to, I'm not online much so not sharing me here much. Aren't you sad? *lol*

ANYWAY - THANK YOU, Mikki! I won one of her giveaways in OWOH - an awesome bracelet! I'll share a picture when I'm back on our 'real' computer.

Speaking of gifts ... guess what I got for VDay from T? Tickets to the CBJ game in March against the Boston Bruins! WHOO HOO! We have family in Massachusetts who are staunch Bruins fans - it's always fun when our teams play one another.

Of course that means that week in March - I'll be toast. The game is one night, the Nickelback concert is the next. Yep, I'm going with K & her friend to see Nickelback, Seether & Hinder (I think that's who the other two groups are). I'm probably too old to be standing in general admission but ... I'm going! I so love Nickelback!!

And today, I bought the latest issue of Artful Blogging. I can't wait to be back on the real computer so I can play & explore the blogs shown. There are some wonderful tips for making one's blog better so of course I'll have to see what I can do.

I hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day and know that there are people everywhere who love you for you.


It's 9:12pm EST ... did YOU win?

I had my daughter chose the number (between 1 & 178 - thank you ALL 178 commenters!) and she chose #26:

jojoebi said...

that is so cute!
Please add me to our draw and then pop over to mine

I'll be contacting you in a few minutes through your blog ... Congratulations!!

OWOH [this post will stay on top until Feb 12]

I did it! I created a fun bracelet for One World One Heart! There's no closure on it yet because I want it to fit the winner, so, please, when you post that you'd like to be included in the drawing on February 11, please include your wrist size. I'll stop accepting entries at 9:00pm EST on February 11, 2009 & announce the recipient on February 12 - hopefully, by 8:00am EST. [It's tax season ... the land of best laid plans ... ]

Edit: If you're not an active blogger, please be sure to leave your email address here. I've already had one commenter who apparently has a blog, but her blog address doesn't show anywhere, even at following the link. :-(
As for your wrist size ... how about if we just wait until I choose a recipient? Then I can tell you how I'd measure ...

Update: 6:51pm Feb 11
We're in the midst of horrible storms-i'm posting this edit from my phone. If I can't get online tonight because of the weather, I WILL choose a name tomorrow (hopefully I'll have internet service) & update here immediately. Please bear with me! And please, stay safe wherever you are!

To read more about Lisa's OWOH event, read here. I hope to meet many new bloggers through OWOH - both those I visit & those who visit me. The worldwide community of bloggers is just incredible!

Thank you to all who are leaving comments! I'm having such fun visiting you in return!

Thank you, Michele, for the guidelines for making this post stay at the top!

Ten more minutes....

though the wind's literally howling around the house (where will our porch chair be tomorrow?) for now, we feel we're safe to have the 'net on. having been zapped by lightning 3 times to date in this house (of 5 years) we're very cautious about being "on" when the weather's weird.

anyway ....

8 minutes now, until i pick a winner. who will it be?

owoh has been - to repeat myself, again - so fun! 900+ bloggers have participated. i have visited not nearly enough yet but i do plan to eventually visit everyone listed... what astounding people share themselves!

5 minutes ...


How cool is this?

My brother is

He's been sending me pictures via his phone & I cannot get over how close my bro is to The President! I can't wait to talk to him, to hear all about his experience today.

One interesting note: My bro & his girlfriend figured they'd have seats in lala land as the tickets are "just" tickets. He assumed, as most of us would, that all of the political mucketymucks & such would have all of the front rows' seating. NOPE! Those folks are in the balconies! The "real" people (lol) are right there with The President. HOW COOL!

I'm so proud of my brother! Not just for this - for taking this opportunity & being part of today's history - but he's doing something I guess I would not have expected of him. His business franchise is not doing all that well - you know, the economy - so he's picked up a part-time job AND is cooking at their local homeless shelter. He is a wonderful cook, a schooled chef - and he's using that talent (none of which I inherited - the cooking gene) to help others. He said this morning that they prepare the local Meals on Wheels foods, then cook for & serve the homeless. I know - many people do this every day around the world. And I think they are awesome, too! But my brother ... well, he's not the most selfish person I know but he has spent a large part of his adult life putting himself first & foremost, not always a wise decision. Hmmmm .. maybe he's growing up? *lol*



As you can see, I'm part of the OneWorldOneHeart gypsy caravan this year (how I love that image! It so speaks to my wanderlust soul!). When I first joined in, I looked at a few of the blogs (bloggers?) participating - but then got mired in January's W2's & all.

To those who have visited here & joined in my giveaway, thank you. My offering is so small compared to others ... I very much appreciate your interest & hope you come back to visit, after OWOH.

To those I've visited .. WOW! WOW! What talented, creative souls exist in this world! We all know that, but to visit the blogs, to see what so many create .. I can't think of words to express my appreciation of all I'm seeing! I've added so many new-to-me blogs to my Google reader, I could spend my days just following their creative journeys. If you've not visited the blogs listed at OWOH's site - DO! NOW! Gift yourself with the pure bliss of seeing what everyone shares online.

My gratitude today overflows ... the glorious sunshine & warmth of today, the pleasure of eating T's dessert creation tonight, the fun of wrapping our grandkids' Valentines, the joy of visiting blogs.... ahhhhhh.....


What a beautiful day today has been - temps out of brrrr range & sunshine! I've spent most of the day inside, cleaning, organizing, laundry - all that fun stuff - but I could see the sunshine - yea!! I got my 2 pieces framed, finally - have taken pictures but they'll get downloaded to the other computer before I can share them here & someone else here is using that computer. (the nerve of the man! *lol*) Notice my new banner? I have a new background, too, once I figure out how to make it work. (Sandy??? *lol*)

Went to a wine tasting party last night at a band friend's home .. what fun!! And, as much wine as I've consumed over time, it was interesting tasting the wines after sampling different foods, especially stronger cheeses like blue & dark chocolate. Almost anything is palatable then... I got to catch up with some friends I've not seen in months - a true pleasure.

And I was able to catch the 3rd period of the Jackets' game - and we WON! AWESOME! CBJ rocks & will be playoff bound this year! (gotta keep that positive attitude going!)


Thank you, Cathey!

Cathey has awarded me this - sweet! Thank you!

So here are the threads attached to receiving this award:

- list five addictions
- name five other Bloggers that are fabulous

I have two problems with this: (1) only FIVE addictions? (2) how am I to pick 5 of all that I read? Fellow bloggers, you all delight me & you are ALL fabulous - so, please, be kind to this old tax-season-brain-dead blogger & award yourself this - and pass it forward. Pretty please?

So, to narrow it down to five addictions:
* dark chocolate (have to have it EVERY day)
* blogging - reading & (occasionally) composing my own [isn't it just the most fun way to be a voyeur - to share others' lives, to see others' creations??? - shoot, I even read "Artful Blogging" & "Art Journaling" from Somerset Studio!]
* organizing - yes, everything I have, at home, at work, wherever, is organized. Drives me bonkers to have things out of place!
* art journaling - who knew, a year ago, I'd discover the absolute joy of playing with paints & paper, while journaling?? [thank you, Sandy, and the world of journalers!]
* my guy & my daughter ... ok, maybe 'addiction' is a weird word to use to describe my feelings for them, but they are my every minute joy!

Wait! Can I add a 6th? GRATITUDE! Since choosing a word to focus on this year, I've found myself looking at things in a better light - even those people & situations that drive me to post about things as mundane as their laziness! (lol)


Mild rant this morning:

I work in an office of about 15 people, half men, half women. Some "professionals", some "peons". Apparently, it's a major whatever for at least some of those people to do simple things like lift the overflowing trash bag out of the kitchen trash can & replace it with a new one - or put a filter & coffee in the coffee basket & push that little button that starts a new pot of coffee - or wipe out the microwave after exploding their soup or ChefBoyardee of the day - or change the almost-empty roll of toilet paper in the bathroom ... It'd be easy to say it's the guys & while they are responsible for many of the office etiquette behaviors here, they are not solely the transgressors.

The pure laziness just astounds me! I am always tempted to go along with the game - not get out the new roll of toilet paper, just add my trash to the overflowing disgusting mess - but, I just can't. At home, I can yell "who didn't get out another roll????" - but, here? Hmmm ... don't think so. But, oh the temptation!

We say...

...we want to be our own person & sometimes that scares us to death.
It's ok to be afraid - just don't let yourself stop there.
(from Page-A-Day Calendar email)

Thought maybe we could all use a little extra affirmation this morning ... Go on! Stand tall! Be crazy! Do whatever fills you!


Journaling update

I finally completed my January pages for Kelly's class ... phew! And I've painted Feb 1 - 3, but haven't done anything more with them, yet. I think that's tonight's project...

Love it!

Aren't these sweet???
I ordered these from CraftCakeDesigns on Etsy & I love them! She also has a wonderful blog - go visit & buy!