A bit of updating

Well, for whatever reason, I can't upload pictures into my Flickr from the laptop ... so, here's what I can do:

for my APAD group...

again, for APAD ..

my teepees for Elsie & Rachel's class...

again, for APAD

and my former paint "palette" and the dream box (behind the paint) is from Sandy ... isn't it awesome?? I'll get a better picture, promise!


Pumpkin said...

Love Mr Kitty and Rubber Ducky ;o) LOL!

Sandy said...

I love all the pages. They are great. :) I can see my name on one of them but I can't read it. I hope it says good things. LOL

I love the teepees, so cute, you did a great job on them. I've yet to start mine. Still sitting here trying to decide what I want to do first. Maybe go back to bed?

And I love the paint palette. Mine is a red plate. :)

Glad you liked the dream box. It was fun to make. I'm going to order more of those.

Jamie said...

Wow, girl! You've been busy!!! Lovelies!!!!

Dawn said...

Hi Nancy

Just stopping by to say Hi!!
Off to check out your recent posts!


Lydia said...

I love Tiger's glasses. I say, take the plunge and get another kitty. You'll never regret it!!!

These pages are fab:)!