As you can see, I'm part of the OneWorldOneHeart gypsy caravan this year (how I love that image! It so speaks to my wanderlust soul!). When I first joined in, I looked at a few of the blogs (bloggers?) participating - but then got mired in January's W2's & all.

To those who have visited here & joined in my giveaway, thank you. My offering is so small compared to others ... I very much appreciate your interest & hope you come back to visit, after OWOH.

To those I've visited .. WOW! WOW! What talented, creative souls exist in this world! We all know that, but to visit the blogs, to see what so many create .. I can't think of words to express my appreciation of all I'm seeing! I've added so many new-to-me blogs to my Google reader, I could spend my days just following their creative journeys. If you've not visited the blogs listed at OWOH's site - DO! NOW! Gift yourself with the pure bliss of seeing what everyone shares online.

My gratitude today overflows ... the glorious sunshine & warmth of today, the pleasure of eating T's dessert creation tonight, the fun of wrapping our grandkids' Valentines, the joy of visiting blogs.... ahhhhhh.....

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Sandy said...

I agree that all who are participating are so very talented. I'm going to have to sit down, maybe tomorrow night and really look at some of them. I'm going to have to get the laptop and get comfy, maybe with a movie. :)