How cool is this?

My brother is

He's been sending me pictures via his phone & I cannot get over how close my bro is to The President! I can't wait to talk to him, to hear all about his experience today.

One interesting note: My bro & his girlfriend figured they'd have seats in lala land as the tickets are "just" tickets. He assumed, as most of us would, that all of the political mucketymucks & such would have all of the front rows' seating. NOPE! Those folks are in the balconies! The "real" people (lol) are right there with The President. HOW COOL!

I'm so proud of my brother! Not just for this - for taking this opportunity & being part of today's history - but he's doing something I guess I would not have expected of him. His business franchise is not doing all that well - you know, the economy - so he's picked up a part-time job AND is cooking at their local homeless shelter. He is a wonderful cook, a schooled chef - and he's using that talent (none of which I inherited - the cooking gene) to help others. He said this morning that they prepare the local Meals on Wheels foods, then cook for & serve the homeless. I know - many people do this every day around the world. And I think they are awesome, too! But my brother ... well, he's not the most selfish person I know but he has spent a large part of his adult life putting himself first & foremost, not always a wise decision. Hmmmm .. maybe he's growing up? *lol*


Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! That would be neat :o)

Sandy said...

So very happy for him. :) And I love your new blog by the way. It looks so great.

Thanks for sharing the info about your brother.

Latharia said...

That is too cool!!!

Dawn said...

Wow Nancy what a wonderful thing for your brother!