Is anyone else confused?

Boy, if that's not a loaded question ... Haha!

Seriously, though ... I'm having a major problem with what day of the month it is, this month of February. I asked Sandy this morning if she'd signed up for Kelly's March class yet, thinking it's already Wednesday! As in, we only have until Friday!

Well, that would be true if today were February 25 ... but, it's not. It's only the 18th. I've had similar confusion in many parts of my life lately ... why? Sandy offered that maybe it's because February is a short month .. but, it still has 20 work days in it, etc etc Does this mean I need a vacation? ;-)

Whatever "it" is, I sure hope you're not as confused as me ...

p.s. Thank you for the comments on last night's post. I very much appreciate them all!
I've had another thought about letting go ... I think we've all dealt with it, in some form or another. Divorce. Death. Moving. It's never easy ... and I know I'm one to try to hang on til the (often) bitter end. *sigh* Maybe it's time for ME to grow up? *lol*
Again, thank you ...


Sandy said...

I'm still having trouble remembering today. I think it's the front coming in or the low pressure or something to do with this funky weather we're having. I think I'll just go nap....that makes it all better.

And you don't remember the saying, We may get older but we never grow up. LOL That's my mantra and I'm sticking to it. It keeps us young.

Pumpkin said...

I'm right there with you! Day? Month? At least I have the year right ;o)