Mild rant this morning:

I work in an office of about 15 people, half men, half women. Some "professionals", some "peons". Apparently, it's a major whatever for at least some of those people to do simple things like lift the overflowing trash bag out of the kitchen trash can & replace it with a new one - or put a filter & coffee in the coffee basket & push that little button that starts a new pot of coffee - or wipe out the microwave after exploding their soup or ChefBoyardee of the day - or change the almost-empty roll of toilet paper in the bathroom ... It'd be easy to say it's the guys & while they are responsible for many of the office etiquette behaviors here, they are not solely the transgressors.

The pure laziness just astounds me! I am always tempted to go along with the game - not get out the new roll of toilet paper, just add my trash to the overflowing disgusting mess - but, I just can't. At home, I can yell "who didn't get out another roll????" - but, here? Hmmm ... don't think so. But, oh the temptation!


Pumpkin said...

Sigh! Unfortunately it's ignorance as well Nancy :o(

WendyCarole said...

I know what you mean. The number of school staff rooms I have been in where the sink was full of cups etc and I end up washing them all up because its such a mess.

Sandy said...

Don't join in with the stupid people there Nancy. You just stay sweet like you are. It will all come back around to you one day. :)