Ok, the pictures did not post in the order I wanted! Sheesh! So, I'll postpone the "progress" report until further down this post...

This bracelet is what I won during OWOH, from Mikki. And I'll have to come back & post the link to her blog 'cause it's over there & I'm here. Thank you, Mikki! I wore the bracelet yesterday & received many compliments on it - and the cute magnet is on my desk's overhead. The whole package was sweet - especially the little lollipop! :o)

I liked my gift of a LilyMoon print from Sandy that I made my own purchase from LilyMoon's Etsy shop! I apologize for the less-than-stellar photo - trust me, the tile is wicked cool! I love the buttons she includes in her packages - yep, this one's going on my jacket!

Had to run an errand in the Village today ... love our brick streets, especially this one with it's trolley tracks still in tact.

And, finally, to "progress" ....

This 1977 J10 (Jeep) was FINALLY released from the shop today!! It's been living there for 3 months (I say 4, he says 3), having most everything under the hood restored/replaced. Like the "rust red" outer finish? *lol* The bed's almost totally shot, but as T keeps reminding me, it's removed easily from the rest of the body - something he can easily do. It runs!! Last fall, T's 28 year old CJ (Jeep) died & sits out front (I'm sure our neighbors love us), since T decided getting the J10 up & running was the better choice. We're finally back to having our own vehicles ... yeah, not very 'green' but with our diverse schedules, we've been doing some real juggling to get everyone where they need to be.



Lydia said...

Nice goodies! :)

Sandy said...

I love all your goodies you got. Very cool. :) And I love T's jeep. At least it's colorful. That's always a plus. Who cares about the neighbors....:P

I still want an old Bronco....one day.

Pumpkin said...

Now there's a combo post! LOL!