What a beautiful day today has been - temps out of brrrr range & sunshine! I've spent most of the day inside, cleaning, organizing, laundry - all that fun stuff - but I could see the sunshine - yea!! I got my 2 pieces framed, finally - have taken pictures but they'll get downloaded to the other computer before I can share them here & someone else here is using that computer. (the nerve of the man! *lol*) Notice my new banner? I have a new background, too, once I figure out how to make it work. (Sandy??? *lol*)

Went to a wine tasting party last night at a band friend's home .. what fun!! And, as much wine as I've consumed over time, it was interesting tasting the wines after sampling different foods, especially stronger cheeses like blue & dark chocolate. Almost anything is palatable then... I got to catch up with some friends I've not seen in months - a true pleasure.

And I was able to catch the 3rd period of the Jackets' game - and we WON! AWESOME! CBJ rocks & will be playoff bound this year! (gotta keep that positive attitude going!)


Jamie said...

A wine tasting party sounds WONDERFUL!!! :) Sounds like a great weekend!!! Hope you have a happy Monday!!!

Sandy said...

Your wine tasting party sounded fun fun fun. Kinda like my El Nino tasting party at Chili's on Friday night. LOL :P

I can't wait to see the framed photos. I love framed photos. :)

I'll be here tonight to help with the blog, it was just so pretty and warm yesterday that we just had to work outside. We were bored and stuff. We just couldn't sit inside and do nothing. LOL

Pumpkin said...

Ohhhh, a wine tasting party! How fun :o)

We had warmer temps yesterday but the wind would have blown you away :oS

I'm trying to find a new template for my Blog but no luck so far :o( I like what you have done :o)