Thank you, Cathey!

Cathey has awarded me this - sweet! Thank you!

So here are the threads attached to receiving this award:

- list five addictions
- name five other Bloggers that are fabulous

I have two problems with this: (1) only FIVE addictions? (2) how am I to pick 5 of all that I read? Fellow bloggers, you all delight me & you are ALL fabulous - so, please, be kind to this old tax-season-brain-dead blogger & award yourself this - and pass it forward. Pretty please?

So, to narrow it down to five addictions:
* dark chocolate (have to have it EVERY day)
* blogging - reading & (occasionally) composing my own [isn't it just the most fun way to be a voyeur - to share others' lives, to see others' creations??? - shoot, I even read "Artful Blogging" & "Art Journaling" from Somerset Studio!]
* organizing - yes, everything I have, at home, at work, wherever, is organized. Drives me bonkers to have things out of place!
* art journaling - who knew, a year ago, I'd discover the absolute joy of playing with paints & paper, while journaling?? [thank you, Sandy, and the world of journalers!]
* my guy & my daughter ... ok, maybe 'addiction' is a weird word to use to describe my feelings for them, but they are my every minute joy!

Wait! Can I add a 6th? GRATITUDE! Since choosing a word to focus on this year, I've found myself looking at things in a better light - even those people & situations that drive me to post about things as mundane as their laziness! (lol)


Pumpkin said...

You are most welcome Nancy :o)

Terri said...

I like that your family is on your list of addictions.

Thanks for you comment on my Suzi Blu post. Let me know if you are interested in a kit with step by step instructions. E-mail me at BloomingIdeasMI@aol.com and I can give you all the details. No pressure just an offer.

bekaboo said...

I like the word Gratitude as a focus. That is a good one! I wish I were organized! I am woefully disorganized, and it effects me negatively every day.