It's such a nice quiet Saturday morning here ... I actually have paints on my 'palette' (an old plastic plate), my APAD journal sitting here open. Yep, I'm creating today! YEA!

I got one teepee made last night for my RedVelvet class & the stitching done on the back of my picnic blanket (again, RedVelvet class). (Since T's still slaving away at fixing the main computer, I'm going to try to upload pictures later today on the laptop *fingers crossed*) I'm trying to keep a focus today - APAD journal first, then sew my blanket together & finish it's stitching, then tonight as we watch CBJ beat Anaheim, I'll make more teepees. They are so darn cute!

BUT I've only collected things for Kara's class ... and I want to play there, too! Yep, I've followed Sandy to another class! She finds the coolest people & places - and remember the cliche about imitation & flattery. *lol*

All of that brings us back to "time". As my blog title says, there's never enough of it & I know I'll never live long enough to do all I want to do, to see all I want to see - but how can I have more time now? If you have a magic wand or a secret answer to finding more time, please share it with me! If not, if you're as frustrated as I am, maybe we need to start a support group or something? *lol*

Sitting here typing isn't getting my pages done, so ... off to it I'll be.

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Lisa said...

Mmm, all that paint talk makes me want to craft and get messy..as long as glitter is involved. Once I get all my book stuff done at the end of March, I will have more time to play! In the mean time, I will live vicariously through you!! Thanks for sharing!