Do you ever wish you'd win the lottery you don't play?

I am so there right now! Tim Holtz has so many wonderful new offerings - Graphic45 has cool new papers - and then there are all of the creations I see on everyone's blogs - and I want to play and I want to play NOW! I want to buy it all & make it all - NOW. For all of the stash you all have seen me share here, there are so many cool things I don't have. Of course, if I had all I'd like to have, I'd have to get another house to store it all in ... but ... but ... I want stamps & papers & Twinkling H20's & Ideologies & 7Gypsies & mica & beads .... well, you know ... all of it. Did I say I want it all now?

What out there calls to you?

Ok, I feel marginally better ... *lol*

April 15th is getting closer ... talk about something to be thankful for! First quarter payroll returns happen in April, too, but they're no big deal. But April 15? OH YEAH!

OH! I almost forgot ... Tonia has a new section on her Etsy shop "It's All Good". Proceeds from items within that section benefit charities she's chosen - how cool is that? Check it out...

I'll be taking a class with Tonia in April at Artiscape - what fun it'll be!

K's counting down the days to the end of her 2nd semester of college. She's transferring to a local university & is very "done" with where she is now. It'll be great to have her local again!


Pumpkin said...

I'm there with you Nancy!!!! LOL! Someone won $4 million at home and so far no one has claimed it. I was secretly hoping it was Mom but not so :o( Drat!

Sandy said...

Yep I'm there with you although I don't play the lottery or gamble either. LOL Kinda hard to win isn't it?

I love those Twinkling paints, just can't find them here, I'd have to order online. And of course all of Tim's new stuff is just great as well as anything by 7Gypsies.

I can't really think of anything calling to me right now except new clothes. LOL

I'm so glad April 15th is getting closer for you. I know you'll be happy with that.

And I love Tonia's new jewelry. I've already bought one for myself. :)

Lydia said...

Somebody sounds 'bubbly'! The class sounds wonderful. I'd love to go to Art & Soul in Hampton, Va., or to Convenzione in Pleasanton, Ca., end of Apr. thru beg-g of May.

Ah, well. Self teaching on the internet can be fun as well!:)

Lydia said...

I'd love the lottery- but I don't play, as well! Lots of goodies that are calling to me. Ah, well, have to wait till I see them local- Which for some never comes.

Glad to see you've got your borders back up :)