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Ordinarily, I don't comment on the lives of "stars" but I just read a beautiful tribute to Natasha Richardson on Summer Gypsy's blog & I guess felt moved to add my own thoughts here.

I didn't know - or had forgotten, in my advanced age - that Natasha was related to the Redgraves. Did you? Guess that explains, somewhat, her fine acting ability. And she's married to Liam Neeson*sigh* ... But, the reason I've been more aware of Natasha's death is her role in the second "Parent Trap" movie. My daughter & I have loved the movie since the moment it was released - and, like me, K's addicted to the original PTrap movie as well (one of my childhood fav movies, too). The second version was such fun & a wonderful retake of the first, thanks to mostly (in my opinion) the adult cast - Natasha, Dennis Quaid, et al. So, to Natasha: thank you for the gift of laughter & shared memories you gave K & I.

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Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for complimenting my post. I am still so in shock about Natasha. It is such a tragedy. I wanted to stop in and visit your beautiful blog for a few minutes. Where does the time go? Have a blessed Sunday.