What a week this is! I realized today how behind I am in reading people's blogs, my own emails - shoot, I've not even posted the blog award I received yesterday! I'll try today when I get home ... I won't forget ... well, some time this week ...

Tonight, the Columbus BlueJackets play the Boston Bruins (ice hockey, for anyone new to my blog or not a hockey freak like me) and T & will be there to cheer CBJ to a victory!!! OH YEAH! Maybe we can even have a hometown NashTrick ... *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow night's the Nickelback/Seether/SavingJane concert. Please tell me why I think I can go to a concert like that, at my age? When we went to see Trace Adkins & had to stand the entire concert, I swore I'd never do that again. So what am I doing tomorrow? Standing in "general admission" on the floor! I am INSANE! I know I'll absolutely love the music, being with K & her friend - I've got earplugs ready - but, me? In the midst of all of that??? Well, let's home I'm alive Thursday to report in here ... *lol*

I'm behind with my APAD pages, though I did get them painted through this Friday. Taking the time to sit & create further just doesn't seem to be happening much right now. Too scattered - too many things I want to do at one time! Focus will return ... right?

Back to my numbers & forms ... Is it March 15 yet???


Jamie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Saving Jane is one of my FAVORITE BANDS!!!! I want to see them live soooo bad!!!!! You lucky, lucky girl!!!!! I'm jealous. ;)

Sandy said...

Oh girl, forget about all that for a moment. You're out making memories. You have to do that so you can journal. You'll catch up. You can't however get the time for this fun time back.

How cool to go to a Hockey game. I hope at least one of the players lost a tooth so it was exciting. LOL

And I remember the days of standing, well we were actually jumping and dancing in G/A. I love Nickelback myself. I'll be recovering from tonight. I'm a bit sore from all the laughing and wine drinking. LOL

You have a blast with Kelli. We'll be here when you get back for a report.