Happy SqRt Day!

Yep ... Happy Square Root Day!

Today is: 3.3.09

The next SRDay will be 4.4.16 (if you'd like to mark your calendar)

So, celebrate! Take your favorite math nerd to lunch!


Jamie said...

Morning, Sunshine!
I just read your blog comment that said to email you but I don't have your email! ;)
Mine is jamie_habermaas@yahoo.com if you want to shoot me a message and I'll write you back. I check it very often and will respond back pretty quickly (usually), lol.
Hope you're having a lovely square root day, lol!!!

Chocolate and Steel said...

oh my gosh, I'm such a math nerd. This is a wonderful day and I didn't realize it until now:)
One of my favorite hobbies is suduko!

Sandy said...

Too funny. I don't really know any math nerds though. LOL Cute though. :)