A MASE ING at Nash-in-wide

CBJ STONED the Flames! WHOO HOO!!!

So for those who don't understand, our hockey team - the Columbus BlueJackets - just shut out the Calgary Flames, 5-0!! We are SOOOO playoff-bound! Awesome, awesome game! As for "a mase ing" our goalie is Steve Mason - a 19 year old INCREDIBLE goalie! He will be rookie of the year! You may not be a hockey fan, but I can tell you, having a winning 8-year-old hockey team is incredible! My guy is a former hockey player, a major hockey geek ... and he's so pulled me into it. I am sooooo hooked! Yep, I'm one of those who jumps out of her seat when a fight starts, screaming for our player throwing punches. The first time I went to a game, I knew I'd not do that ... yeah, that lasted until the first fight began & I was up, yelling with everyone else. And I'm up there, pumping my fists into the air, high-fiving with T when a goal's scored. The energy at a hockey game - at a good hockey game - is such a high.

CBJ - you rock!

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Sandy said...

YEA. So glad they won and are going to the play offs. :)