I've been sitting here, working away this morning ... checking emails from time to time, thinking I need to put a new picture of me up since I got a major haircut yesterday ... just, doing, you know?

Then, as I'm glancing at Facebook, checking on our nephew's progress home from Iraq, I see a post about a memorial service this Saturday. What???

When my daughter entered 1st grade (she's a college freshman now), she & a number of her friends wanted to be Brownies. As so often happens anymore, there were a number of children interested but not many parents interested in helping it happen. Yeah, I'm one of those who doesn't know how to keep her hand down & not say "ok, I'll do it". So, off I go to a meeting to find out about orientation & leadership & all of that. Out of 20+ 1st grade girls, two adults showed up to potentially lead the group - me & B. The local powers-that-be didn't think B should try to lead a troop because she was from Croatia, still had a fairly "thick" accent. What those people didn't see was B's huge enthusiasm, intelligence, compassion ... Fools.

Anyway .. yeah, I got the troop together & was the leader through all of the years - and B & her daughter were one of the most active moms & daughters our troop was blessed to have. When our girls began high school, B got cancer. She didn't let it defeat her - she fought hard, never missed one of M's band or scholastic or stage performances. At high school graduation, we cried together ... so many memories we have all shared through all of these years.

Now our girls are freshmen in college ... and even though we live in a small suburban village, our paths rarely cross, but I've stayed in touch with M through Facebook. And, today, I read that B died yesterday morning. Seems her cancer came back with a vengeance ... and won. And we lost. Yes, B & I weren't super close - but, we were. And I'm sitting here, bawling like a baby, that such a wonderful woman has been taken. Please, if you have a moment, add B & her family to your prayers. Every person that B touched throughout her life is going to feel the loss.


Shelleen said...

I am so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. prayers for all of you.

Sandy said...

I'm so sorry you lost your friend. :( It seems that Cancer is winning the war lately. I've known so many it has affected.

People do seem to overlook the good in people who they think are different. What they should do is look for what that person has to offer.

I'm sure B was a great person. I know you will miss her greatly.


Lydia said...

I feel your loss, and have put her on my list to pray for, and for you , yours, and theirs:)

Ps- My daughter and I love your background side paper-Just beautiful:)

PPS- You've reminded me of the Albert Einstein quote about great spirits- I have it all over my journals from my Wayne Dyer readings of long ago. You've just reminded me of that great quote, and I may just have to post it. It always inspires me when I do something that others just don't 'see' yet, (or understand)- inspires me to keep on going:) Thanks.la

Pumpkin said...

Nancy, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend :o( Big ((((HUGS))))