What do you think?

I made these a couple of weeks ago but finally remembered to grab the pictures.

The purple framed pendant is made with collage pieces from Artchix - the clover glass is colored with Tim Holtz' alcohol ink as is the frame. I had it done once, wore it & discovered I needed to do something more to get the ink to stay. I then put Glossy Accents over it, which has helped - but it's still not quite the finish I want.

The second pendant is Artchix again (front image), the back is a silver alcohol-inked overlay from 7Gypsies.

So ... your thoughts? opinions? suggestions for improvement?


Sandy said...

I love them both. I can't think of what else you could use besides the glossy accents to seal them. Maybe someone else who beads could offer up some tips. Or maybe someone at Artchix would know or have ideas. Hmmmmm

~Tracy~ said...

Pretty pendants :) I sure like the purple-pink frame ! Artchix items are such a delight to have too. We live about 40 minutes away from the 'headquarters'. Helga's shop can only be accessed in human mode by an appointment, simply because her and the rest of the Artchix crew get quite busy. I've been there twice and can't wait for the next visit ! Her online shop is also very wonderful, as well as the Yahoo Artchix group. I'm finally going to add something to the bi-weekly lottery ( been over a year since I did any swaps, etc...because of my mom passing ). If you don't belong to the Artchix group then I highly recommend adding yourself :) They're all a lovely bunch of people, and such wonderful creations too !

Thanks for following my blog too, woohoo ! You are the first !!

Look forward to reading up on your blog.
Take care, Tracy ~Magiclanternmusings~

~Tracy~ said...

p.s: I forgot to say how much I LOVE your blog background. It is sooo beautiful !!
I just changed mine at 'thecutestblogontheblock.com', because there are certain things with the Blogger html that I still find difficult to change. So much easier finding backgrounds which you only need to copy and paste the code.

Lisa said...

Hi Nancy! I like them both too, but my favorite is the second one in the top photo, very sleek. A very nice combination of colors and wire. How are you wearing them, on a chain or some type of cording?