Wow! 3 posts in one day!

Let's see ... may I persuade you to do a little Etsy shopping of your own? ;-)

www.jojoebi.etsy.com (beautiful fabrics from Japan)

www.littlepinkstudio.etsy.com (bubble gum toys & Coccoina glues)

www.ormolu.etsy.com (wonderfully cute tags & paper goodies)

www.craftcakedesigns.etsy.com (sorry the photo's sideways!)
(always sweet handmade items! her mailing envelopes alone are worth a purchase from her!)

ok ... this one wasn't an Etsy purchase. it's straight from Donna Downey's site. and it's home to my "create" bubble from Sandy!

and, last but not least, i've not yet framed them - but i did order 2 prints from linda woods (www.lindawoods.etsy.com) - "gratitude" & "sunshine". maybe this weekend, i'll actually get them framed!

on a personal note ('cause 3 posts in one night is enough!): thank you to all who have posted or emailed me about b. i very much appreciate your words & thoughts.

my daughter is home for spring break! yea!!!! she's fighting the end of some bug she got at school ... fun, for a break, huh? *lol* it's so great to have her home!!

oh, a little "p.s." you all see that little tracker thingie i have over there in the right column? it shows me "who" visits (ok, not who, but where you are *lol*). i see some visitors who come here quite a bit, but i don't know who you are. won't you please say "hi" so i'll know it's "you"? i'm so glad you visit - it'd be fun to have a name with a city! thanks!


Sandy said...

I love all the goodies. I'm glad my create bubble had a "home" on that beautiful bag from Donna.

And you have those people visiting your blog too. LOL I've figured out who they are on mine. I'm sure I know why their visiting too but I know they're not going to comment. Oh well. ;)

Jamie said...

Love all your goodies!!!
Wayne City, IL is me at home!
Mt. Vernon, IL is me at work!
Hahahaha! ;)
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

Mary said...


My sincere condolences on the passing of your friend.

All of your goodies are lovely.

Lisa said...

I'm wishing you lived in my neighborhood....You have lots of fun stuff to play with!!

Terri said...

Looks like some one is finding the time. ;) 3 posts in one day ..WOW!!!

I have a surprise for you on my blog....:)

Micki said...

Wonderful goodies!
I was going to leave you a reply the other week when you posted up a piccie of the parcel I sent you, then I completly forgot and only just remembered I hadn't done it!
*sigh* i'm so ditsy!
Anyway i'm so glad you liked it all, thank you for posting the lovely piccies :)

Micki x

Pumpkin said...

Look at all those goodies!!!! Someone has been busy...shopping ;o)