Carry the Flag!

THANK YOU, Columbus BlueJackets, for clinching a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

After beating Chicago in a shootout last night (WHAT a shot, Tyutin!) CBJ now has 92 points & WILL be in the playoffs!

CBJ is a relatively young professional hockey team, having been around only 8 years. Being in central Ohio means most, if not all, fans wanted & expected a #1 team from the get-go. We've changed personnel from top to bottom over the years, with the owner, "Mr. Mac", continuing to have faith, continuing to support the team as they worked through everything. Mr. Mac & crew got us Ken Hitchcock - the most excellent coach! - and Scott Howson - what a wicked general manager he is! We've lost players we thought we couldn't do without, we've suffered through terrible injuries - and all along, the team continued to build, to become who and what they are today. It's been a wonderful growth to watch and now, CBJ has given us a chance in the playoffs.



Jamie said...

LOL, you crack me up! ;)

Anne said...

Our Carolina Hurricanes are in the Stanley Cup playoffs, too! Go 'Canes! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I'm trying to visit all of my Followers this week. Some people are getting an error message "stack overflow" when they visit my blog, and others. If this happens, you can just empty your Temp or Temp Internet folder. Or try using Firefox as your browser. It is a quirk of Blogger and Internet Explorer that sometimes happens. I'm hoping this works out and you'll continue to visit!