The last 4 days have flown by ... and I'm beat! Friday & Saturday, I cleaned house - feels so good to get rid of winter's dust & dirt. Yesterday, I got a bit of crafting in - picture below - but early afternoon, we learned an almost-family-member had fallen on Thursday & wasn't able to get out of bed, so, T, Mom & I packed up & headed to Portsmouth. R wouldn't allow my aunt to call a squad for her because my aunt can't stay alone - but no one else had thought to just get in the car & drive there to find out what was going on. So, off to the rescue we went (did you see our red capes? lol). Walked in their apartment, realized how injured R was, called the squad, then followed it to the hospital. R has compression lumbar fractures & is still in the hospital. Mom's staying with my aunt until my cousin shows up to take over. T & I checked on R before we headed home this afternoon, then stopped to visit my dad & grandparents at the cemetery. We're pooped!

I'm glad we went, I'm glad we had a chance to talk with the social worker at the hospital. My aunt has Alzheimer's that's very obviously progressing - so I hope my cousins take steps now to create a safe, healthy remaining lifetime for my aunt & R. I know it's easy to think everything's ok, but R's not a young woman & taking care of my aunt will only get more difficult.

Tomorrow, T's nephew & his family arrive as they travel back to Texas. They'll be here until Wed evening - Mom may get a ride home with my cousin on Wednesday - then Thursday, I pick K up from college. Yep, Friday .. I'm collapsing at home!


Lisa said...

I LOVE the Bingo piece, that is just too cute!!

Sandy said...

Gee wiz. I got off the phone with you and all hell broke loose. I hope your Aunt feels much better, I'll say prayers for her. I hope they can figure something safer for her out and soon. I also hope the other visit goes well. Girl you need some Calgon or a big stiff drink. Take a break and take care of yourself. At least K will be home now.