I'm learning..

If you're a frequent visitor here, you know I've become a huge fan of Tim Holtz - and my stash increases mightily, often. I'd gotten a package of his "ornate frames" and sat the other evening & put these necklaces together. Both use Artchix collage images - and the one on the right sports a thin layer of Diamond Glaze over it since I spilled the stuff all over my craft sheet (don't have one? get one! they are wonderful Teflon sheets to put under whatever you're working on).

Next I want to make one using Suze's creations as inspiration .. Aren't her necklaces beautiful???

If you, too, like Tim Holtz's style & creations, he's posted his latest workshop samples on his blog - check 'em out! If you are lucky enough to attend any of his workshops - have a wonderful time! I am really looking forward to October & cruisin' with Tim & Wendy ... oh, yeah!

Can't end today's post without saying: GO BLUEJACKETS! Beat Detroit! Yep, the playoffs (for us) begin TONIGHT!


Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! The Carolina Hurricanes are also in the Stanley Cup Playoffs ... only we're in the Eastern Division and you're in the Western. Go 'Canes! :-)

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful job Nancy!