ONE more day!

Tomorrow is APRIL 15th! Do you know where your tax returns are? Please ... do not ask your local accountant today to have your returns done tomorrow!

Yep, that's my public service message for the day. It never fails to astound me, the people who call & request immediate service - any day of the week. Excuse me? "You" should be taken care of before all of the others because ... uh, why?

Anyway ... it's almost over .... relative sanity will return soon. You'll hear my sigh of relief wherever you are!

I know I've often vented about coworkers, etc - but today, I have to thank "my" boss. He's already chillin' in Florida but he had lunch delivered today to us! It's horribly rainy & dark here - ok, inside & out (lol) - so what a sweet gesture on J's part!

Let's all party tomorrow!!


Jamie said...

Congrats!!!! Party time is almost here!!! You can do it!!! I'm gonna be like the guy in your boxing corner. But don't worry, I won't pour water over your head or anything. :)

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a great boss. You must be thrilled that tax season is almost over. Hope you get to relax too.

Sandy said...

YEA!!!!! Did you hear that scream? It probably wasn't really loud. I'm so excited for you. It seems like it lasted forever this year didn't it? I know you'll be happy when tomorrow is over. Go have a drink girl. :) I need one, I'm pooped....

Pumpkin said...

Awwww...that was very nice of your boss :o)