More atc's

I got 4 more done tonight! Yea, me! lol

One down...

209 to go ...

for the Tim Holtz/Mexico cruise. Yeah, only 209 to go...

I inked the background with Distress Inks, the verbage stamp is one of Tim's, the face is one I picked up at JoAnn's sometime back & the postage stamp is from a packet I bought at European Papers. And though you can't see it in this fuzzy poor photo, the verbage is stamped and glittered with Perfect Pearls, using the technique Tim posted on a recent blog post.

Let's hope my creativity kicks it up some - I made a number of backgrounds for ATC's this week & stamped a few that I don't consider done yet. And that's it. I've read two James Patterson books though ... yep, I'm addicted. My heart's been wrestling with "letting go" of my 19 year old now that she's home & has a boyfriend, so the books have been my refuge, I guess. Time to accept & move on, huh?


Let's go to Maine!

Ok, I can't go 'cause I'll be in Kentucky, but ... who wouldn't want to be in Maine feasting on this lobster roll??? Hmm ... do they have lobster in Kentucky?


I'm one of the lucky ones....

In the early 1970's, my guy (though I didn't know him then) came home from Vietnam, physically all in one piece. There was no parade, no welcome home party, no recognition of the hell he'd survived ... but, he came home.

Six years ago, I met T online. He tried to warn me about his PTSD but, my heart just didn't care & still doesn't. I know Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering those who have fallen for our country in times of battle & I do - but I also hold dear T & all like him, those who gave of themselves for us. T & those who came home from WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. did indeed survive, but they are permanently scared by the horrific experiences - they gave for us.

When you next see a veteran - of Vietnam, Afghanistan, D Day - please, welcome them home, give them a hug, let them know you appreciate what they gave, for you.

Thank you, T, Charlie, Joey, Tom & Tom, Jim & Jim ...


Hurry & grow!

I finally got outside today & planted all I'd bought the other evening - yea! And I even finally planted the dahlias & gladiolas Mom & I bought a month or so ago. Great progress! I spread the new topsoil last night, tilled it in a bit, then was out at 8:30am today, planting. This picture's a peak of the perennials & annuals I planted at the front of the house - and, where the white shavings are, the spot where I planted 2 Stargazer lily bulbs. (Thus, hurry & grow!)

The dahlias & glads went primarily down the side of the house. The front bed has a new Mexican sage (seen in this picture), a columbine (mystery color: there were 2 tags in the pot), a new yellow coreopsis (to go with a wonderfully performing older one I've had a few years), 3 "abutilon" flowers, 2 "liatris", 2 dianthus, pink bee balm, allysum & white begonias. I'm putting 12 photos in my Flickr (see sidebar for the link) if you'd like to see it all & I'm finally going to record everything in my journal - especially since a number of the newbies are perennials. Oh! I spread Sweet William seeds across the front & will be spreading my Blackberry Lily seeds tomorrow.

I also purchased another hosta & cleared out the flower bed along the garage - planted the new hosta with my others. I have one huge dark green hosta growing beautifully & 3 smaller white/green hostas, working hard to survive. I got that bed cleared out better today & will spread mulch all along, then take photos.

If you've not yet purused the Cards for Heroes blog/event, please click on the link up in the right corner & participate in the blog hop. Beautiful cards are being created for our troops - maybe you'll join along? I know I am!



Ok ... A tomato!! But at least now, T can't stand at the back door, sighing "no tomatoes yet"!

See this beautiful lettuce plant? Not long ago, something (aka bunny) had eaten all of our lettuce plants down to almost nothing. T didn't pull them - he waited to see if they'd come back. And, they are! Fingers are crossed that they'll continue unscathed (or, unmunched).

And the little whirlygig? T plants those throughout the garden to distract animals & to catch the wind direction. Yeah ... cute, huh?

What's blooming in your garden now?


Sunny but chilly

The rain's finally gone (fingers crossed) & the sun's shining, but whoa, is it cool!

I did get my basil planted yesterday, before the rain - can you taste the pesto it'll make?

I got my fairy garden planted, too, this year, in my grandfather's wheelbarrow. It's all herbs - rosemary, thyme, basil. I hope it gets enough sun here - if not, the wheelbarrow does still "wheel".

One peony bush is blooming beautifully. I so love peonies! My grandmother always grew them, as did my mom - and the tradition continues in my own garden. I have a second bush but it's struggling this year for whatever reason. Oh, well, one's better than none.

Now to get to the nursery to buy my annuals & to till some space & plant the dahlia & gladiola bulbs we bought a few weeks ago. It's to be sunny all week, so it might actually all get done!

What's in your garden this year?


I finally made one!

An ATC ... artist trading card ... yea!!

So, be honest, please ... what do you think? (Sorry the quality's not any better - was too lazy to put batteries in the camera) The background is Tim Holtz's grungepaper - the ABC paper is Graphic 45 - the photo is Artchix Studio - the metal flower is Tim Holtz's as well & the little heart's cut from grungepaper. Oh, the background's one of Tim's stamps & all colors are from Tim's distress inks. Please .. any comments, criticisms, whatever would be most welcome!

Gratitude revisited

As I was blog surfing today (shhhhh) & trying to catch up with those who follow my blog (thank you all!), I *met* a new-to-me blogger - Alfie of "Coffee & Stilettos". (What a wonderful blog title!) She had today a list of things to remember that you don't want to miss ... see it here. Thank you, Alfie, for your list ... it's awesome!

A beautiful day

Yesterday was a storybook gorgeous day! Even the ice cream man thought so, as you can see him passing by on the street behind us. I have to admit, with so many things disappearing or changing from when I was a child, it's sweet to hear the ice cream man driving around our neighborhood. What memories!

You also have a peak here at our vegetable garden. T replaced the zucchini & cucumber plants yesterday - something was eating at them & it wasn't us! I weeded & thinned out the radishes after work. (Weeding is very therapeutic, you know!) And whatever was eating the lettuce has stopped, so 3 plants are working hard to produce for us. I'm still not sure what my lavender thinks of being transplanted - I'm keeping an eye on it & my fingers crossed. Now to have more sunny days so the tomatoes will perk up! And T's rhubarb is going crazy! I'll have to get pictures of it to share.

Does the ice cream man still drive through your neighborhood? I'd love to hear one of your childhood memories...


One page

Think this just says it all ...



I've completed all the 'twinchies' for the AllThingsTim swap! They are wicked fun! Now to put them in the mail tomorrow & wait to receive my goodies. Can't wait to see what others create...

Mine have all been made using primarily products from Tim Holtz - most importantly for the swap, with his new GrungePaper. The possibilities with it are endless ... I may do flowers or ATC's for the swap, too - just depends on if I work up the energy. (hahaha)

Yesterday, we braved our high winds & went to 2 soccer games. The little boys who used to live next door had invited us, so we grabbed the chance to see them. They are so darn cute! I think we'll borrow them one day this summer to come play with T, like they used to do when they lived next door.

I'm heading out to play in the garden just a bit. It's sunny & cool ... very tempting to rush to the plant nursery & start the flower garden, but we're to get rain again mid-week, so I will wait. One evening this week, I'll go crazy buying flowers & herbs, then next weekend, play in the dirt in force.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere!


Happy Friday!

The sun's almost shining ... coworkers are arguing politics ... IT'S FRIDAY!

Almost too late, I made a Mother's Day card for my Mom .. now, let's hope the post office wings it to her quickly! :o)

The knee's healing well - most of the time, there's just a very mild twinge left. Phew! I'm still babying it ... but it's getting better. Thank you all for your thoughts!

The little boys who used to live next door called the other night & invited us to their soccer games tomorrow morning - of course we're going! Can't wait to see them!! I hope to steer clear of injuries, cleaning .. and get some crafting done this weekend. I've pretty much been a slug all week ... have things I want to do!

If I don't get back here before Sunday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & a beautifully Happy Mother's Day!


Judy Blume

You may be pro-life, you may be pro-choice ... that is totally your own "business". Especially if you live in the USA, it's purportedly your right to make that decision for yourself.

Yet, this morning, I read this:

"Judy Blume has done so much for so many of us. The wisdom, compassion, and understanding that shine through her writing have helped countless young people grow up and grow strong.

That's why we were so shocked at the response to her latest act of compassion. When Judy honored the Planned Parenthood Action Fund by writing a special Mother's Day message on our behalf, the reaction from anti-choice extremists was swift and vicious. They flooded her office with harassing phone calls and hate mail, including death threats."

Many of us have read Ms. Blume's books ... What outrages me is that we live here, in the USA. We are here, where one's ability to express an opinion is a "right" - yet, sadly, people still think it's ok to dispense hatred and physical threats because they disagree with someone.

Regardless of your personal thoughts about Planned Parenthood, pro-choice, pro-life ... please visit PP's site to show your support of Ms. Blume. Read her letter for PP's Action Fund (I am not asking you to donate ... I am asking you to read, to educate yourself about this, period). Please, if you've ever enjoyed one of her books, if you agree or disagree with her but think we should be allowed to speak our minds without such horrible retribution ... show your support.



Ah, the joys of having joints & muscles & pieces parts that don't work quite as they used to ...

Last week, I re-tweaked my knee. Ok, no big deal. Just wait for it to go back to normal.

But, noooooo .... Sunday, I stepped down onto a step & POP! Then I sat down on said step & cried, as much because it physically hurt (and it DID) as because my body's slowly but surely getting older. *hands on hips* I swear, I didn't think it'd happen to ME! Yeah, uh huh ... right ...

So, Sunday was spent with my leg elevated, ice packs, muscle relaxants ... and thank heaven, K & I had stopped at Barnes & Noble on Saturday! Yesterday, I still had trouble putting any weight on my leg but I didn't need Mom's walker to get around ... went to the doctor, had an x-ray done. He doesn't see "anything" right now, but if the swelling & all doesn't improve markedly in a couple of weeks, I'll be getting an MRI.

Today, I'm at work ... limping around ... but being a good employee. (Aren't you impressed? *lol*)



Jamie of Inspired Mess had a contest a week or so ago & I WON! Aren't my winnings awesome??? I love the framed creation she made just for me! Isn't the personalization great? And, yep, it's going to my office on Monday to be hung for all to see! The little blue creature holds a sewing cute - too cute! THANK YOU, Jamie!!

We have a pretty sunny morning today ... very sweet, especially after last evening's tornado warning. Yeah, that was interesting! K & I watched the clouds swirling by for about 15 minutes - some sure looked like they were trying hard to form into something more. Thankfully, they didn't. Her boyfriend was on his way home on one of the roadways the weather folks were warning about so Mom here (me) was telling him, through K, to get off the road. Yep, we never stop being mom's, do we?

T gets home this afternoon from his Texas adventure - yea!!

And the Bruins won last night - great game!! Anne, hope the 'Canes do well in this round! And, again, thank you to the BlueJackets for an incredible season! Which reminds me ... the CBJ had a fan who was fighting cancer. Ryan was a great guy & the Jackets included him in activities, visited him a lot (particularly Jason Chimera, one of my fav guys). Yesterday, Ryan lost his battle with cancer. I'm sure he & Mr. Mac are up there watching replays of our games & enjoying the playoff games. Rest in peace, Ryan.


Happy May Day!

It's not exactly a sunshine-y day here in central Ohio but ... the birds are beautifully singing outside, it's not pouring down rain, the seeds in our vegetable garden are all popping up ... it's all good!

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.


I'm soooo behind in my blog reading ... as I shared earlier this week, it's been a crazy week! So, maybe I shouldn't ask this, since I'm a delinquent one, but when has that stopped me? ;-)

As you breeze through the blogs you follow - or the new ones you discover - how often do you leave comments? I often see the same locations showing up on my traffic follower here, but many don't leave comments. I'd love to know who you are, so even if it's just a "hi! I've been here" comment, please speak up? And, please do the same on other blogs you read. Most bloggers share as we do because we just want to, because we want to share our days in some form with anyone who will listen & I know we all appreciate knowing someone's stopped by. As an example, "Grove City Ohio" comes through here ... that's a suburb near me. Are you someone I follow, someone I've met ... someone I might share local stash stores with?
(Saturday update: the joke's on me! "Grove City" was me!! Guess I should pay more attention, huh? *lol* Just goes to show technology needs tending sometimes ... the traffic follower had changed my location & I hadn't noticed! Sheesh ... ) (And, thank you to those who've left comments!)

Anyway ... take a few minutes, please, here and/or at other blogs you read, say "hi" so we bloggers can have "faces" to go with places/names. Thanks!