I've completed all the 'twinchies' for the AllThingsTim swap! They are wicked fun! Now to put them in the mail tomorrow & wait to receive my goodies. Can't wait to see what others create...

Mine have all been made using primarily products from Tim Holtz - most importantly for the swap, with his new GrungePaper. The possibilities with it are endless ... I may do flowers or ATC's for the swap, too - just depends on if I work up the energy. (hahaha)

Yesterday, we braved our high winds & went to 2 soccer games. The little boys who used to live next door had invited us, so we grabbed the chance to see them. They are so darn cute! I think we'll borrow them one day this summer to come play with T, like they used to do when they lived next door.

I'm heading out to play in the garden just a bit. It's sunny & cool ... very tempting to rush to the plant nursery & start the flower garden, but we're to get rain again mid-week, so I will wait. One evening this week, I'll go crazy buying flowers & herbs, then next weekend, play in the dirt in force.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere!

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Pumpkin said...

These are so neat Nancy! I can't wait to see what you receive too :o)