Happy Friday!

The sun's almost shining ... coworkers are arguing politics ... IT'S FRIDAY!

Almost too late, I made a Mother's Day card for my Mom .. now, let's hope the post office wings it to her quickly! :o)

The knee's healing well - most of the time, there's just a very mild twinge left. Phew! I'm still babying it ... but it's getting better. Thank you all for your thoughts!

The little boys who used to live next door called the other night & invited us to their soccer games tomorrow morning - of course we're going! Can't wait to see them!! I hope to steer clear of injuries, cleaning .. and get some crafting done this weekend. I've pretty much been a slug all week ... have things I want to do!

If I don't get back here before Sunday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & a beautifully Happy Mother's Day!


Jamie said...

Happy Friday & Happy Mother's Day, Nancy!!! Glad your knee is getting better!!!

Pumpkin said...

LOL! You're too funny Nancy ;o)

Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!

Sandy said...

very pretty card. I hope the knee is better and you have a great weekend. Ours is going to be busy of course.