Hurry & grow!

I finally got outside today & planted all I'd bought the other evening - yea! And I even finally planted the dahlias & gladiolas Mom & I bought a month or so ago. Great progress! I spread the new topsoil last night, tilled it in a bit, then was out at 8:30am today, planting. This picture's a peak of the perennials & annuals I planted at the front of the house - and, where the white shavings are, the spot where I planted 2 Stargazer lily bulbs. (Thus, hurry & grow!)

The dahlias & glads went primarily down the side of the house. The front bed has a new Mexican sage (seen in this picture), a columbine (mystery color: there were 2 tags in the pot), a new yellow coreopsis (to go with a wonderfully performing older one I've had a few years), 3 "abutilon" flowers, 2 "liatris", 2 dianthus, pink bee balm, allysum & white begonias. I'm putting 12 photos in my Flickr (see sidebar for the link) if you'd like to see it all & I'm finally going to record everything in my journal - especially since a number of the newbies are perennials. Oh! I spread Sweet William seeds across the front & will be spreading my Blackberry Lily seeds tomorrow.

I also purchased another hosta & cleared out the flower bed along the garage - planted the new hosta with my others. I have one huge dark green hosta growing beautifully & 3 smaller white/green hostas, working hard to survive. I got that bed cleared out better today & will spread mulch all along, then take photos.

If you've not yet purused the Cards for Heroes blog/event, please click on the link up in the right corner & participate in the blog hop. Beautiful cards are being created for our troops - maybe you'll join along? I know I am!


Sandy said...

Wow great planting. Can you still move after doing all that? I wouldn't be able to. LOL I can't wait to see them when they start blooming.

Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! It's always fun to add new things to the garden and watch them come alive! :-)

Pumpkin said...

I'm so jealous because I want to be planting too! We're no where ready for any of that right now but I do look forward to it. Sounds like you're having fun and I love hearing of all the goodies you're putting in the ground :o)