Judy Blume

You may be pro-life, you may be pro-choice ... that is totally your own "business". Especially if you live in the USA, it's purportedly your right to make that decision for yourself.

Yet, this morning, I read this:

"Judy Blume has done so much for so many of us. The wisdom, compassion, and understanding that shine through her writing have helped countless young people grow up and grow strong.

That's why we were so shocked at the response to her latest act of compassion. When Judy honored the Planned Parenthood Action Fund by writing a special Mother's Day message on our behalf, the reaction from anti-choice extremists was swift and vicious. They flooded her office with harassing phone calls and hate mail, including death threats."

Many of us have read Ms. Blume's books ... What outrages me is that we live here, in the USA. We are here, where one's ability to express an opinion is a "right" - yet, sadly, people still think it's ok to dispense hatred and physical threats because they disagree with someone.

Regardless of your personal thoughts about Planned Parenthood, pro-choice, pro-life ... please visit PP's site to show your support of Ms. Blume. Read her letter for PP's Action Fund (I am not asking you to donate ... I am asking you to read, to educate yourself about this, period). Please, if you've ever enjoyed one of her books, if you agree or disagree with her but think we should be allowed to speak our minds without such horrible retribution ... show your support.


Beth said...

Thank you for the heads up. I did not see or hear about this, and I have long been a fan of Judy Blume, and of the right to free speech.


Beth said...

F Y I I just found the site, and they are not taking any more notes of support. Bummers, I would have liked to have added my name to the list.

Pumpkin said...

I remember reading her books!

Unfortunately that's the way the world is these days :o( I think there are people out there just ready for someone to say the wrong words or express themselves and then...SPRING! They're jumped upon.